Wednesday, September 17, 2008

10 Things Tuesday Wednesday Edition

Yesterday was my birthday, I forgot about 10 Things.  I was a Tuesday baby (full of grace....I think not!) so it was cool to have a Tuesday birthday.  

10 things I want to create soon:
  1. Prayer altered tin
  2. Name/Address altered tin
  3. Recipe altered tin
  4. Teacher clipboards
  5. Books to Read mini notebook for myself, possibly to sell
  6. Baby's First Christmas mini album
  7. Travel word book
  8. Baby Boy word book
  9. School mini album
  10. Perpetual calendar book
Can you tell I stocked up on altered tins?  I think they will be great for Christmas gifts so I'm hoping to get some made up soon.  Lots of ideas, now if the kidlets will cooperate and let me get something done :)