Tuesday, September 23, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

I remembered but I don't have a topic.  Eek!  


Top 10 Favorite trends right now
  1. Cupcakes.  Who can resist?  All the cuteness, none of the calories!
  2. Birds.
  3. Owls.  This took a while to grow on me, but they are kinda cute.
  4. Pink/brown.  Well anything and brown really.  Hated pink before, now I love it with brown.  Go figure.
  5. Square photos.  Love this look.  Love it.
  6. Eco friendly.  I love that we're putting the earth ahead of showing off or doing it just cuz we can.
  7. Handmade.  Not just on Etsy, but there's a definate trend towards the higher quality and not made in China.
  8. Kitch jewelry.  At 28 I shouldn't be attracted to it, but it's too darn cute!  
  9. Wooland creatures.  Again, cute as can be.  As long as my husband doesn't have them in the freezer!
  10. Repurposed items.  I've been doing this for years.  I guess I was a trend setter and had no idea LOL