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Christmas Angel SVG Free

Here is a cute little angel SVG file I made.  This is for use with the Sure Cuts a Lot software for the Cricut.  It is free for personal use and limited commercial use.  You may not sell this file or die cuts made with it, but you may use this file to make die cuts to put on cards, layouts, etc for sale.  Please do not share this file but feel free to share the link to my blog.  Please give credit where credit is due.  As always, I love photos of anything you make with my file.  You can post there here or upload them to Flickr .  Angel SVG file

Angel Wings SVG File

Here are some angel wings I created to cut with Sure Cuts a Lot. These are for personal use or you may use the die cuts in a product for sale. You may not sell the file or just die cuts made from this file. If you do make something from this file, I'd love to see a picture :) Angel Wings SVG

Free Fall Leaves SVG Files

I created these for an order and I won't be listing them for sale so I'll share them. Note the file name in the photo and that's the file to download. These files are for use with the Sure Cuts a Lot software for the Cricut. These are for personal and limited commercial use only. You may make items for sale with these files, but please do note sell the file or die cuts made from these files. If you do make something personal or for sale, I'd love a comment here just to see it. Please do not share the file itself but feel free to link anyone here. By downloaded my files you agree to these terms. Maple Leaf Fall Leaf Oak Leaf

Handmade Review - Soap Deli Handmade Soap

I've heard wonderful things about Soap Deli handmade soaps and I finally got the opportunity to try them. I picked up three bars from her Artfire Studio I still had a little bit of shower gel I wanted to use up before winter starts and my skin gets dry so the bars sat on the counter for about week but every time I walked by I just had to pick one up and smell it! Yum! I couldn't even pick a favorite, I had to peel the plastic wrap off of each of the 3 bars to smell them all. I hate to admit it, but it's been years since I've used a handmade bar of soap. I used to make bath and body products (not CP or HP soap though, unfortunately) and I knew handmade soap beats store bought or body wash hands down. I just got out of the habit of using it for a while I guess. This soap is rock hard and solid. I just started using it, but with proper care I think it will last a long time and completely offset the higher cost. Of course, the higher cost of handmade soap is al

ladybug svg

Here is a lady bug svg file to cut with your Cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot. This file is for personal use and limited commercial use. You may not sell this file or die cuts made from this file, but you may use it in products that you sell. If you do sell a product with this file, I'd love to take a peek at it :) Please do not share this file, but do feel free to share the link. Download the ladybug.svg file

Key Tag svg file

For a tutorial on how to fuse plastic bags, head on over to Etsy and watch the video . It's super easy and who doesn't have hundreds of plastic bags lying around, right? I ran them through my Cricut to see if it would cut it and it cut great! I can't remember what settings but I almost always start with blade 3, pressure medium to start and adjust from there. If I remember correctly, I kept it at 3/3 but you might need to play. My hubby needed some key tags to mark keys for the storage box so I grabbed my new fused plastic and cut them out of there. A regular pen will smudge but a Sharpie wrote on them great. The plastic is thin and flexible but very strong. This file is for personal use only. Please don't share my file, but you may send the link to this site. It can not be used for any commercial reasons without prior consent. SVG file for key tag

Orchid SVG File

I had a request for an orchid die cut and it was hard to find a good view to get a decent silhouette and bloom. I created this and wanted to share. It would be good for spring or Easter pages. They aren't to scale when you import them into SCAL. Open the whole flower and size. Open the bloom and size over top of the whole flower then delete the whole flower svg. Maybe one of these days I'll learn how to make them to size lol Feel free to use this image in your personal creations and you may use it for items for sale. You may not post the svg files on your blog or website for free or personal use. You may link to my blog. You may use the die cut in an item for sale but you may not sell the die cut themselves. Thank you for respecting the time it took me to make the file. Orchid Bloom Orchid Silhouette (This is for use with the Sure Cuts a Lot software)

Tuesday Tips - Organizing Photos

If you haven't been keeping up with organizing your photos it can be a daunting task. It might even be too overwhelming to start, but don't let that discourage you. It needs done and putting it off won't help. Don't feel like you have to do it all at one sitting or even in one month. It might be on going project for several months and that's ok as long as it gets done. Don't even think of it as work, think of it as talking a walk down memory lane. This can even be a project for you and your husband in the evenings or even while watching TV. First you need some storage boxes. These are normally $4 at Jo Ann's but you can find them at Target and other places. If you do buy at J's don't forget to use a coupon or watch for a sale. I've gotten mine as low as $2 at J's for plain ones. I used scrapbook paper to decorate them. These boxes are much less intimidating than a photo album and cheaper. If you decide to use albums, I would

About Me

Koti Beth Designs was named after my daughter, Dakota Elizabeth. My kids are the reason I scrapbook and my inspiration so it was only fitting to name my business after my daughter. I started scrapping when my oldest was a baby in 2002. I knew these days would go by fast and I wanted to save every moment. What started out as a hobby has turned into an obsession. I love to create and alter everything I can. My house is filled with altered treasures I've made and my kids have album after album chronicling their lives. I know some people just don't want to take the time to scrap but do want albums for their kids. That's why I started out making premade albums. My business has expanded to altered tins, altered clipboards, scrapbooking kits, die cuts, paper packs, and whatever else I decide to create when the creativity bug strikes. I have been married to a wonderful man who lets me buy as much scrapbooking stuff that I can hide *grin* He is relatively supportive of m