Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dreaming of Etsy

I must be on Etsy way too much! I actually had a dream about Etsy last night. In my dream I used Craftcult to check my views and they jumped by 100+ and it was 2 after the hour so I looked on the FP and there I was! Except it wasn't my handmade item. It was a shirt I own ROFL!

I was being greedy and didn't want to lose my FP exposure so I went into my current listings and tried to find it to edit the price to be insanely high so no one would buy it. But I couldn't find it because of the rearrange your shop so I had no idea what page it would be on. I tried to open Firefox to use Etsy Hacks to use the edit button on the listing but my phone was ringing and the kids were bugging me and my husband walked in and kept talking to me. I couldn't edit it and freaked out that someone would buy it! Then I had the brilliant idea I would rip the lace off of it and add more to the bottom and then it would be altered enough to be listed on Etsy. I kept checking Craftcult and my views kept jumping so I was really scared it would sell.

Then I woke up to the kids bugging me LOL

This would probably make more sense if I sold clothes or anything sewn but I sell papercrafts. *scratches head*