Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Tips - Scrapbooking Tools

Or rather unconventional tools. My husband and I are the king and queen of farmer fixin'. He's the guy that build my entire deck and flower beds with nothing more than a chainsaw to cut the wood. I think he did it just for the shock value and bragging rights, but I digress.

My favorite unconventional tool is my plastic putty knife. Cheap, only $1 or so, and it works wonderfully to smooth out any little air bubbles when using mod podge. I also use it to lift things off my Cricut mat or to really press down paper that's being adhered to something else.
Ok so an embossing stylus is for papercrafts, but I never use it to emboss. I use it to help me weed the extra off of my Cricut mat. The round tip won't tear the paper but will scrape the extra away from your die cut. I also use it to poke the itty bitty pieces out of the middle of a die cut. It works great to score paper for a cutting line if you don't have a pencil handy. I can lay a piece of paper against something and run the stylus over it and make the impression to cut when I need to cut around something that sticks out (handle, latch). I sometimes use it to hold a button or lace in place after gluing so I don't get my fingers sticky.

I don't iron. Ever. My mother in law insisted I needed an ironing board and it took up space and gathered dust in my laundry room for years. Then I had a brilliant idea! When I was working I needed a place to put things that were waiting to dry. Just a temporary spot I could set up behind my desk so I could just turn around. Ta da! The ironing board did come in handy after all!

Mine are pretty purple, but I do have two milk crates for storage. I just couldn't bring myself to spend $50+ on paper storage. $50 buys a lot of embellies! I picked up 2 milk crafts for $5 (total) and I use one for paper and the other for extra albums, page protectors, chipboard, and other tall things. I use clear plastic 13x13 envelopes to keep each paper set separate and organized. This helps the paper stand up and...uh...I have so much crammed it there it would stand up regardless.

Do you repurpose tools other items for your crafts? Let me know, I'd love to hear the ideas.