Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Shop

Like many other school's, my son's elementary school is doing a holiday shop. The PTO gives the kids $1 each and many of the kids only have that dollar to shop with. How sad is that?? Our PTO asks for donations of crafts or anything else for the shop so the prices can stay low for the kids.

Last year I made some thing especially for the shop and they sold out. This year I'm pulling some albums and bookmarks that didn't sell from my shops and donating them.

I am also making bookmarks and bottlecap magnets with the school name and mascot on them. I'm looking for cheaper things I can make so I am able to donate 50+ of each item.

So if you have some inventory that just isn't moving or some supplies that are staring at you but you just aren't sure about putting them on Etsy, make up some quick cheap items and think about donating them to your elementary school. While I wouldn't put my logo on each item, I would include a few cards with the donation.

I ask for my stuff back if it doesn't sell and they set it out separately. Check with your school's PTO about their policies.