Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Tips - Decorating With Paper Crafts

Sometimes finding ideas of home decorating with paper can be challenging. Paper doesn't exactly make the best medium for a sturdy decoration you can use year after year. If you are anything like me, you have tons of extra things and now is a perfect time to use it. I'm mainly focusing on things that can be used for the holidays, but we are a creative bunch so I'm sure we can adapt these to use any time of the year.

(Sorry I'm not posting pics, but I don't want to steal the pics of these original designs.)

A wreath made of paper? Yep! This one is being used as a centerpiece with a candle inside. Great pics and great instuctions over at the Pesto Classroom blog.

Next is an advent calendar but these aren't just for Christmas anymore. Use to count down days left of school or make a countdown for any holiday. I've even seen a countdown till Daddy gets home from the military. Here's one on bhg.com I got in a newsletter today.

Here is another take on a paper wreath at acherryontop.com. This happens to be a Halloween wreath, but it could be made for any holiday. This is definitely on my list of things to make.

Here is a banner from acherryontop.com. Again, it's Halloween, but could be for anything. I prefer 4" scalloped circles, but the triangles are much easier if you don't have a die cut machine.

Check out these adorable flowers also from acherryontop.com. I can see these for spring, Thanksgiving, Christmas or just about anything! I might make these in a vase for above my kitchen cabinets.

There are lots of pdf file at KaiserCraft for ornaments or garland. There are too many to list individually, but I am definitely doing some of these for general decorating! Those little globe balls would be adorable in a large glass container as a center piece for my dining room.

If you have more links, please share them! If you do any of these please share pictures. I love getting inspiration from others.