Friday, February 26, 2010

March Bulletin Board


This is the main bulletin board when you walk in my son's school so there's some pressure!  To give you some idea of how huDge it is, the shamrocks are 5" wide and the cloud is 2 feet wide!  I used my Cricut and SCAL to cut the shamrocks and each has the birthday kids' names and birthdate.  The pot of gold I made by printing part of a coloring page cropped to just the pot.  I printed it poster size across 9 sheets of paper.  I taped it together and cut it out and used that to cut out sheets of black paper taped together.  The gold I made out of 5" wide ovals. 
I really wanted a rainbow to connect the cloud and pot of gold, but I had no idea how to make one curve right that long.  I was going to use the ellison die cutter at the school to cut shamrocks out of different colors to make the rainbow.  Unfortunately their shamrock die was MIA and after my 8 year old stapled all the shamrocks on we didn't have room.

The center is an Irish saying I found for a birthday blessing.  Other than Happy Birthday I couldn't think of a cute title and I was TIRED by then LOL 

The flowers are from the George cart.  They were an afterthought but I needed something to fill in the space.  With a foot plus of snow on the ground we needed some remembrance of spring!

After last year I swore I wouldn't do it again and I'm saying it now but I'm sure I'll be back in about a year showing off pics of the new one!