Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Branding Your Small Business

Branding is an important part of your small business.  Branding is the personality of your business, if you will.  Branding is more than your logo and packaging, it's what your company stands for and what it has to offer to your current and potential customers.  If you don't define your brand, your competitors will and it won't be attractive.  Focus on two or three things that your company stands for and make sure your customers are aware of them.

Are you eco friendly?  Tell your customers you use recycled or upcycled materials.  Tell them how you reuse clean mailing materials for shipping. 

Organic and vegan is another popular branding technique right now.  Soap and bath products and also clothing companies are becoming more eco friendly by offer vegan products.  Their consumers are seeking vegan products and most will only purchase vegan products.  Let your customers know often that you offer only vegan products and nothing tested on animals. 

Many small business owners mistakingly think their logo is their branding.  It can be a very small part of your branding in that it gives a visual image to associate with what your company stands for.  I hope that when my customers see my cute owl they think of cute, trendy, and high quality handmade items.  The owl isn't my business, but the owl is part of the look of my business and products. 

Your brand also reflects the one or few things you are good at.  If you sewed clothes, made soap, sold jewelry supplies, and fine art paintings your customers won't have one thing to think of when they think about your shop.  I'm not saying don't have just one product, but if you have too wide of a variety your customers might get confused about your brand.

I'm by no means an expert.  I'm learning as I go and sharing some tips with my readers.  If you have more to add please leave a comment.