Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Recipe Boxes

I'm happy that my recipe boxes are selling well because I do enjoy making them.  I've gotten to play with some color combinations I normally wouldn't use in my personal scrapping.  Every time I've tried something new I've loved the outcome.  I've made some great boxes with some great ideas from customers.  I'm working on a really cool pineapple recipe box right now.  I'm excited to see it done. 

I recently found a source for wooden boxes at wholesale.  I really likes the look of them better and I think my customers prefer the wooden boxes over the paper mache.  These seal so nicely and have a great finish.  All of my premade ready to ship recipe boxes are in my Etsy shop.  If you'd like a custom box please email me.  I know it's hotter than heck outside and it's crazy to think of holiday shopping, but last year I was shipping these boxes until December 21st.  Right now I take about a week to finish one.  In October I imagine that will be more like 2 weeks if I am even doing custom orders then.  If you want one for a gift order early.  I will most likely be increasing the price on them soon as well.