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Poise is Better for LBL

4:40 PM

I know it's a personal topic, but it's one that affects many mothers.  Light bladder leakage affects one in three women, so chances are if it doesn't affect you, it affects a close friend.  Most women reach for period pads for LBL, but there's a better option.  

Poise Thin-Shape pads are made just for LBL, so they work better than period pads for LBL.  They keep you drier, which we all know is very important!  Thanks to Poise, you can continue to do all of your favorite summer activities without worry about an accident or a bulky pad under your shorts.

Now what should you do with your stash of period pads since you have Poise?  I find that they make excellent anti-theft devices!  

Now my purse and iPad are protected from teenage boys and husbands.  I wonder if this will work at the beach too?  Okay, maybe I wouldn't set a pad on my purse or iPad at the beach, but I'd bet it would save your spot when you lay a towel down at the perfect stop on the beach.

Koti Beth is not responsible for lost or stolen items while using this anti-theft device.

Ladies, period pads are for your period.  For LBL, look for something made just for LBL, like Poise.  

Want to try it for yourself or a friend?  Click here for a free sample of Poise Thin-Shaped Pads.
Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

Cari lives on a small farm in Ohio with her husband, three kids, two dogs, two cats, five goats, and several chickens. She loves Gilmore Girls, glitter, coffee, and her kids. But not in that order.