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A New Way To Stop SUI

8:28 PM
Do you have that group of friends that you can laugh with?   You know, the ones where you know a dinner out with them means hours of laughter until you look around and realize that it's just your table and the wait staff left in the restaurant.  Those are my friends.  We are crazy together, but we are well behaved for the most part.

Most of us have kids in our group, so when we all start laughing, a few of us have to excuse ourselves.  Unfortunately, the fits of laughter trigger stress urinary incontinence (SUI), which can happen when you cough, sneeze, laugh, exercise, or even lift something.

My friends know that I've blogged for Poise pads before, so we joke that we need to pass some around before we start laughing.  Only most of us aren't joking.  We are using them!

Not me.  I've switched to Poise Impressa because it stops leaks before they start--without medication!

Poise Impressa looks like a tampon, but it's not meant to absorb leakage.  Instead, it fits inside you and supports you from the inside to stop leaks.  You insert it like a tampon, and you can wear it up to 8 hours before removing it.

Impressa comes in three sizes.  Your size doesn't have anything to do with how much you leak or your body size.  It just depends on how you are shaped inside.  Poise Impressa Starter kit has two of each size so you can get your perfect fit.  Start with size 1 and move on to 2 and 3 if you still experience leakage.  Each starter kit also has a $4 coupon good for the purchase of the single size pack.

Ready to try it out for yourself?  Click here for a $2 coupon for a Poise Impressa Starter Kit.

Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

Cari lives on a small farm in Ohio with her husband, three kids, two dogs, two cats, five goats, and several chickens. She loves Gilmore Girls, glitter, coffee, and her kids. But not in that order.