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Gift Guide for Men + Coupon Code for My Gift Stop

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Thank you to My Gift Stop for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

I can't be the only woman who is clueless on what to gift the man in her life, right?  Unless he gives me gives me a list, I am lost.  To be honest, I'm even lost with his list because he puts obscure things on them that I can't find.

Here's a gift guide for men with several options on it for the different men in your life, be it your boyfriend, husband, boss, or father.  They are all from My Gift Stop to make life easier shopping in one place. 

What is My Gift Stop?

My Gift Stop is a online shopping site with luxury goods for both men and women.  They have a great selection of watches, sunglasses, shoes, handbags, and more.

In addition to their great prices, they also donate 5 percent of each sale!  Each time you shop, you're supporting a medical relief nonprofit called Direct Relief.

Gift Guide for Men

William L. 1985 Men's Chronographs  Watch - This stately watch will look great on any man in your life.  It's definitely a statement piece for his wardrobe.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Sunglasses are a great gift because who can't use sunglasses?  My husband used to get cheap pairs, but I've turned him on to designer sunglasses because they work better and feel better.
Skullcandy Wireless Ear Buds He can definitely use these as he works around the farm or while mowing.

Klymit Sleeping Pad This is a must for all of the camping the guys do all year.
Zippo Lighter  These are a must for anyone who spends time outside camping or hiking because they are windproof.

Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes When a man dresses up, he needs nice shoes.  
Timberland Boots He works hard, and he plays hard.  He needs these for playing.
Ralph Lauren Cologne Okay, this just might be for me more than it is for him!
What do you think of my gift guide for men?  I included some things that he wants, things that he needs, and some nicer versions of things that he uses often.  

See something you like at My Gift Stop?  Use code INFkotibeth to save $10 off a $100 order or $20 off a $200 first order!

What you getting the man in your life this year?
Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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