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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cricut Mat Re Sticky

I have been wanting to include a tip section to my blog. Mainly scrapbooking or paper crafts tips, but tips for any craft is good as well. If you have ideas, comment here.
Cricut mats are super sticky for a few uses then...nothing. I was using spray repostionaly adhesive but by the time I masked off the mat, went outside to spray, let it dry...well it was a long, messy process. Then it was so sticky my paper would tear but the stickyness wore off quickly.
Someone on a Cricut board recommended Zig 2 Way Glue Pens

They are about $7 at Jo Anne (use 40% off coupon!) and come in 4 different tips. I got the widest one since I will be using it almost exclusively for my Cricut mat. It goes on blue so you can see where it is and dries clear. If you use it when it's blue it's permenant, let dry and it's repositionable.
It works wonderfully! I think it might even be better than a brand new mat! I've had my bug for 6 months and I use it a LOT and I'm only on my 2nd mat. My first mat could have lasted longer if I'd have known how to care for it.

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