How to Make Red Velvet Cookies With Cake Mix

How to make red velvet cookies with cake mix.  These cookies are delicious and so easy to make in about 15 minutes.  You can make 2 to 3 dozen red velvet cookies out of cake mix, depending on how big your cookies are. My kids are teenagers now, and they all like to cook and bake.  We used cooking in homeschooling to learn about math and science, so they've been making cookies and other recipes since they were toddlers. Of course, then they were just adding pre measured ingredients and stirring, but now they can all make recipes by themselves.   These red velvet cake mix cookies are perfect for kids to help make since there's not a lot of ingredients to measure.  They are also good for those times when you forgot that you need to take a few dozen cookies in for a bake sale.  Oops.

How to Make a Leaf Candle Holder + Fall Candle Tutorial

How to make a leaf candle holder and how to make fall candles.  This is a homemade candle with essential oils that has a wonderful fall scent.  DIY fall candle holders are easy to make, and these would even be cute as centerpieces for a wedding or other event. I'm still clinging to every moment of summer, but my daughter is already begging to decorate for fall.  I did give in, and we made DIY fall candles. I got my September 2021 Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box, and there's a homemade candle with essential oils. I also wanted to make a leaf candle holder because I had the leaves, so let's learn how to make fall candles.

The Best S'mores Cookies With Cake Mix

How to make s'mores cookies with cake mix.  These are semi-homemade, so they are quick to make.  You can use a yellow cake mix, white cake mix, or even a chocolate cake mix for the best s'mores cookies. S'mores are my favorite food for summer and fall nights with a campfire.  We always have a little container with the supplies we need to make them. I also love s'mores desserts, including these homemade s'mores cookies.  They are cookies made with yellow cake mix, so they are very easy to make. My kids love to bake, and these semi-homemade cake mix cookies are perfect for beginning bakers.

Easy Apple Bread From Cake Mix

How to make an easy apple bread recipe with a box of cake mix and applesauce.  This has real apple pieces in it for a delicious cake mix apple bread that can be made in just a few minutes. We have an orchard, so there's no shortage of apples or applesauce here on the farm.  I'm always looking for ways to use applesauce, and this apple spice bread recipe is the perfect way to use my home canned applesauce. This apple pie bread with cake mix is easy to make with a boxed cake mix.  It can be made in one bowl in just a few minutes, and you can make it as muffins or a quick apple spice bread. This cake mix apple bread freezes well, so make two loaves and save one for later.  Or make it as an apple muffin recipe and freeze leftovers for a quick breakfast idea.

Cinnamon Red Hot Canned Pears Recipe

Canning cinnamon pears with red hots is a delicious way to preserve pears.  This recipe is easy to make with fruit from your pear tree.  It has a low sugar simple syrup and cinnamon red hot candy for a unique flavor that’s perfect for using in recipes or eating plain. My husband’s grandmother used to make red hot cinnamon pears when he was growing up.  I was never a fan of canned pears, but I decided to try them. These canned cinnamon pears are nothing like canned pears from the store!  These are full of flavor, and the cinnamon red hots give them a pretty pink hue. This is a fairly easy pear canning recipe.  The hardest part is waiting after canning cinnamon pears with red hots.  The flavor takes about a month to really develop, so be patient. Canning Red Hot Cinnamon Pears We have several pear trees, so we have a lot of pears to can each year.  I make canned cinnamon pears and canned spiced pears . For more preserving recipes, check out these posts: Low Sugar Apple Jelly Recipe Hot P