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33 Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for friends, family, or teachers?  Check out these mason jar gift ideas for easy and inexpensive gifts that are ready for gifting.  This includes both food and mixes in jars and non food items. I like to give a lot of gifts at Christmas to show my appreciation for those who have helped us during the year.  Between teachers, therapists, and volunteers at our nonprofit, I unfortunately don't have a huge budget. But that doesn't mean that I can't gift a cute and unique gift.  I often do Mason jar gift ideas because they are fun and definitely different types of gifts. I usually pick one gift and assembly line then.  In just a few hours, I can make 10 to 20 of these gifts in jars in an afternoon. While I was searching for gift in jar ideas, I picked some food mixes so the recipient can make them later.  I also included some premade food items and some non food gifts in jars. Have fun creating!

Dollar Tree Christmas Sign 2020 Decorations

 How to make a cute and easy Dollar Tree Christmas sign. This 2020 decorations uses Dollar Tree supplies for a cheap Christmas decoration for your home. This year, I wanted to make some new Christmas decorations.  We run a nonprofit, and I like to decorate it for Christmas.  Unfortunately, as a nonprofit, there is no budget for decorations. Thankfully, we've had three tree donated.  I found some beautiful ornaments on clearance after Christmas one year, so I can decorate those. There are several large blank walls, I wanted to make some Christmas signs to fill the gaps.  Of course, I headed to my favorite store for supplies. This Dollar Tree Christmas sign was made entirely with Dollar Tree supplies.  It was quick and easy, which is definitely a bonus for my schedule.  Now, it hangs in the foyer to greet people as they walk into the building.

How to Make Thieves Oil Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

 Learn how to make Thieves oil foaming hand soap recipe.  This saves money versus buying it, and you can make it under 5 minutes!  This uses a blend of essential oils called Thieves oil that are said to be antibacterial. Even without being in the midst of a pandemic, it's still a good idea to practice good handwashing.   With 5 people in the family, we go through a lot of hand soap.   I swear it's like my kids use half of a bottle each time they wash their hands!  I make my own hand soap to save money.   I used to use the regular pump style soap dispenser and put a hair tie on it so it would squirt out less soap.  I gave up on that and just use a foaming dispenser now. Foaming hand soap dispensers are almost 80 to 90 percent water.  Even though you're only getting about 10 percent soap, it's still plenty to clean your hands.  

Melting Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs With White Chocolate

Learn how to to make melting snowman hot chocolate bombs with white chocolate. These adorable little balls are filled with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows. The chocolate melts in warm water or milk for a delicious hot chocolate drink. Hot chocolate bombs are all the rage on social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram, and for good reason. A white hot chocolate bomb is a hollow sphere of delicious white chocolate filled with a hot cocoa mix, as well as other goodies like marshmallows. These fun treats are very similar to bath bombs, except you put them in a mug of hot water or milk and stir for a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate bombs are great seasonal treats, and are simple to make. Following is the perfect and simple recipe for making your very own delectable white chocolate hot chocolate bombs, perfect for any occasion. These white hot chocolate bombs are a perfect treat for the holidays, and taste great!

37 Nonalcoholic Christmas Drinks Perfect for Your Next Party

Need a festive drink for your next party?  Here are several nonalcoholic Christmas drinks that are perfect for your next party.  Serve these for a school party or family party.  Everyone there will love these holiday themed drinks. If you're hosting a party, then you'll need some festive drinks for everyone.  These nonalcoholic Christmas drinks are perfect for any party because all ages can enjoy them. I asked some blogging friends for some festive drink ideas, and they did not disappoint!  There are some very creative and fun drinks as well as some traditional drinks like hot chocolate. I remember as a kid the adults had these pretty drinks, and the kids were limited to boring drinks.  We usually had soda, which was a special treat. Even though we aren't big drinkers and my own kids don't see those fancy drinks at parties, we will get out the fancy wine glasses for holiday dinners. Instead of wine or a cocktail, we have mocktails or other fun and brightly colored drink