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Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate Fall Drink Recipe

 How to make a pumpkin white hot chocolate.  This makes two servings, but it can easily be adapted to make in a slow cooker for a crowd.  This is an easy recipe, and it's absolutely delicious. I've found my new favorite drink!  A pumpkin white hot chocolate.   This is the perfect fall drink for kids or adults.  It's crazy delicious and crazy easy to make.   I adapted the recipe so you can make it for two servings, but you can also double it or even quadruple it to make in a slow cooker for a crowd. If you're serving it to adults, you can make it a boozy pumpkin white hot chocolate with Kahlua or bourbon. Like all of my coffee and drink recipes, this can be sugar free or keto.  You can even make it with a nondairy milk like oat milk or almond milk if you are dairy free.

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Farmhouse Decor (Pizza Pan Sign)

 Learn how to make an adorable DIY Dollar Tree fall decor sign with a pizza pan from the dollar store.  This is a really cute craft that costs just $4 to make.   You know you live in a small town when you're excited that there's a new Dollar Tree!  There's a Dollar Tree in the bigger city, but ours is bigger with some really cool stuff.   Last week, I left the kids at home and headed to Dollar Tree.  It's right beside a good thrift store, and I was on a mission. I was on the hunt for Halloween costume pieces and something to decorate over my mantel.  I like farmhouse signs for that space, so that's what I was looking for. I had some wood at home, but I lucked out and found (almost) everything at Dollar Tree.  I couldn't find flowers I liked, but I did find those at Dollar General for $1 as well.

How to Can Food for Beginners

How to can food for beginners.  If you're new to canning, learn about the terms used for canning, which supplies you need, and everything you need to get started preserving your own food. As more and more families delve into the great culinary process of canning, it becomes increasingly important to know what you are doing before you do it.  In order to get the most out of your recipes, as well as your wallet, you will need to do a bit of research before you jump straight in. My grandparents canned, but my parents didn't.  My dad and stepmom do can a lot now though, and we share jars of food and recipes. My husband and I used to can a lot, but we had been slacking in the last few years.  After last spring when the stores shelves were bare, we decided to can more this year. We planted a garden, and we have a nice orchard with a lot of fruit.  We spent about two weeks canning this year, making jars of fruit, pie fillings, and more.   I feel a lot better knowing that we have food

How to Dehydrate Apples With A Dehydrator

 Learn how to dehydrate apples with a dehydrator to preserve them for later.  Use them as apple chips, or use them in other foods or even crafting. This year, we had a lot of apples!  I'd picked up a food dehydrator a few years ago, but we had never used it.   My husband really wanted some apple chips.  I'm not a fan of apple chips (or so I thought), but we made a full dehydrator full of them. I was wrong.  I am a fan of apple chips when they are homemade. We made both plain dehydrated apple chips and cinnamon apple chips.  Both were amazing, and they were so easy to make. In fact, as soon as we tasted the first batch, we immediately started a second batch!

Canning Ring Wreath (What to Do With Used Canning Rings)

 Learn how to make a cute canning ring wreath with used canning rings.  This adorable wreath is easy and inexpensive, and you can make it for any season. This year, like many rural Americans, I spent weeks canning food.  When I went looking for my boxes of supplies in the basement, I found a box of old rusty rings. I probably put them in a box hoping to make a craft with them, but I never got around to it.  I kept the box on the counter and walked past it several times before an idea came to me. I decided to make a canning ring wreath with my used canning rings.  I needed something for above the fireplace when it's time to take down my Dollar Tree Halloween sugar skull wreath, so I made this in a fall theme. Since I'm cheap and didn't want to drive all the way into the bigger town to a craft store, I hit up Dollar Tree for supplies. Other than the rings, everything is from Dollar Tree, so I'm calling this a Dollar Tree craft.