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How to Make Whole Fruit Popsicles

How to make whole fruit popsicles with fresh or frozen fruit.  This easy recipe can be customized with different fruits, so you can create different flavors.  Use your choice of fruit juice, coconut water, or yogurt to make your frozen pops. My kids love popsicles.  I'll admit that I've been known to sneak some from their stash of frozen treats, too. My kids will happily take the cheap pops, but they definitely prefer the more expensive varieties. One of my kids can't have artificial dyes or high fructose corn syrup, and I prefer  that they don't eat preservatives.  I also limit refined sugar when I can. We tried some natural fruit pops, and they loved them.  I loved them, too.  But they get pricey.   So I learned how to make whole fruit popsicles so they can have their random fruit combinations and experiment with different flavors.  

Homemade Italian Dressing Recipe With Parmesan

How to make an easy homemade Italian dressing recipe with Parmesan cheese.  This dressing is delicious on salads, in pasta salads, and as a dip for sandwiches. I'm trying to avoid preservatives and artificial food dyes and certain other ingredients, so I make a lot of my foods from scratch.  I've been making my own salad dressings for over 10 years.  Over the years, I've tried several different recipes.  I tweaked recipes, added ingredients, and adjusted the amounts until I found a recipe that I loved. This homemade Italian dressing recipe with Parmesan took some tweaking, but I managed to make it and easy recipe with simple ingredients.   It's slightly sweet, a little tart, and packed with flavor.  It's perfect for a salad topped with steak or chicken. Homemade Italian Dressing Recipe With Parmesan I use Italian dressing for a lot of different recipes and not just for salads.  I have a homemade zesty Italian dressing mix recipe that I really like for a quic

Air Fryer Corn on the Cob Recipe

Learn how to make delicious air fryer corn on the cob.  This is a quick and simple way to make corn that's completely hands off and cooks beautifully. In the summer, we eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables from our garden and orchard.  What we don't grow, we buy from local farmers. I live in farm country.  Our small farm is surrounded by corn or soy fields on three sides with the road on the fourth side.   Dairy cows, corn, and soy support most of members of this county. There is no shortage of fresh sweet corn.  The farmers pick it and place it in huge bins in their yards.  You pull up, grab some, and place the money in the tin.   I get a great deal on fresh picked sweet corn, and the farmer can get a higher price than selling it at auction.  It's a win for everyone. We have sweet corn several times a week in the summer.  It's a quick and easy side dish, and two of my three kids will eat it.

Homemade Zesty Italian Dressing Mix Recipe

How to make a homemade zesty Italian dressing mis recipe.  Use as a salad dressing, marinade, or in your favorite recipes. During the summer, I go through a lot of Italian dressing.  We use it on salads, in marinates, and for other summer recipes.   Even buying the packets and making my own was getting expensive.  I do buy generic, but there's just something about a good Italian dressing that most generic brands don't have.

Easy DIY Felt Storage Basket

How to make a cute DIY felt storage basket.  These are easy to make, and you can use them to organize items on your desk or on a shelf.  Make them bigger to use in a closet or for larger items.   I think I like making and buying organizational supplies more than I like using them.  I needed a few smaller bins and couldn't find what I needed in the stores, so my daughter and I made these easy DIY felt storage baskets.   We made a few for her sewing supplies, and I wanted to use them for decorations too.  I put flowers in one, and I think it works perfect as a simple container for flowers. Since they are felt, you can paint the front to label them so you know what's in them.  Or paint a cute design on the front and just use them as a decoration.