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Buffalo Chicken Dip With Rotisserie Chicken

How to make buffalo chicken dip with rotisserie chicken or shredded chicken.  This makes a great appetizer for a party. I've heard that there's a big game coming up soon.  My family won't be watching the big football game, but we will be watching the Puppy Bowl before that.  We make all the snacky foods and watch the puppies. When that's over, we will watch the commercials and the half time show.  We usually make pizza (I've learned never to order pizza on that day!) and live on snack foods like this buffalo chicken dip. My kids are picky eaters, but surprisingly two of the three will eat this dip.  They both like buffalo hot sauce, which really shocks me since one is a really picky eater.

Mermaid Scale Free SVG File For Stencils, Shirts, Crafts

Free mermaid scale SVG file to make stencils, shirts, or other crafts.  My daughter used it to make a stencil for her pinewood derby car. Each year, the Girl Scouts join the Cub Scouts for their Pinewood Derby.  Between three children, we've made at least one car each year for over 10 years! Dakota is the last one still involved in Pinewood Derby.  The boys could make one for the "fun run" of adults, siblings, or Boy Scouts, but they elect not to. This year, Dakota wanted to make a mermaid pinewood derby car.  She'd gotten some mermaid leggings for Christmas, and they inspired her car. She wasn't sure she would be able to paint it, so I offered to make her a stencil to use to paint the mermaid scales.

How to Keep Your House Clean When You Have Pets

Like kids, pets can create messes in your home.  Learn how to keep your house clean when you have pets. As all pet owners know, taking care of a pet means a lot more cleaning. Whether you have to deal with fur getting on everything, or trying to house break an animal, keeping pets can lead to a lot of cleaning. We have four pets inside the house, two dogs and two cats.  My cats are pretty low maintenance.  The kids brush them two or three times week, but they don't require much extra care.  Carly is bad about knocking things off of counters and making messes though. Nacho doesn't shed much.  He's always on a leash outside, so he doesn't get too dirty or muddy.  He's a small chihuahua, so he doesn't make much of a mess. But the rottweiler shepherd mix Dolphie...he makes a mess!  He sheds like a shepherd.  We call them little rottweiler puppies because he leaves clumps of fur that likes to collect under furniture and against walls. To help ease your w

Happy Valentine's Day Printable Decorations Sign (Free Printable)

This Happy Valentine's Day printable decorations sign is easy to make in about five minutes.  Use it as a sign for your home as a decoration or give it as a gift.  I haven't decorated for Valentine's Day in a few years.  That's changing this year.  I found a really cute Valentine's Day table runner for the dining room table.  I also want to buy and make a few fun and cute decorations for the dining room and living room. My husband and I both agree that Valentine's Day is pretty much just a Hallmark holiday, so we don't do much to celebrate.  We'd rather do small things for each other all year than one big thing once a year. That said, I think this Happy Valentine's Day printable decorations sign is a cute decoration and gift.  I made mine early so I could get it on the blog, but I think it would make a great inexpensive gift for your loved one too. This would be really cute for a child, too.  You can change the sign every day, so your ch

Instant Pot Shredded Chicken From Fresh or Frozen

Learn how to make Instant Pot shredded chicken.  This is my favorite way to make it because it's so easy, and you don't have to watch it.  Use this shredded chicken to make dinner or freeze for later. Like you, I'm a busy mom.  If I don't meal plan, we won't eat.  Before I go grocery shopping, I play our meals for the week and make a list so I stay on budget and have a plan for the week. When I get home, I try to meal prep as much as I can.  We have activities at least two evenings every week and sometimes up to 5 nights a week.  For being a homeschooling family, we are rarely home! One of my favorite time savings tricks is to make Instant Pot shredded chicken.  I can make it in an afternoon while I'm working or helping the kids, then we have our chicken cooked for the week.  I also freeze leftovers for the following weeks. Not a fan of shredded chicken?  You can also use this to make cubed chicken for different recipes. Instant Pot Shredded Chick