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How I Stay Organized

I moved last November and had to completely redo my scrapbooking area and I do not have pictures. Actually I probably won't take pics because it's really not pretty, but it's functional. From left to right I have two 5 shelf metal shelving units, a very large and deep table, a 5 drawer Steralite organizer, microwave stand with my printer & baby Cricut. I was lucky enough to get a hold of a metal office desk that is very, very deep. I have my Cricut Expression, paper organizers, a lazy susan style organizer and I can still have my laptop and enough room to work. This did make a peg board behind the desk impossible, but it has drawers on the side so I can store my most used tools, ribbon/embellies and paperwork. On the shelves I have my paper stored flat, but I will be looking into vertical storage. I have cardboard boxes that I keep small albums, items to alter, and one catch all. I'm sure a canvas basket would look prettier, but these were free and my roo