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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Handmade Review - Soap Deli Handmade Soap

I've heard wonderful things about Soap Deli handmade soaps and I finally got the opportunity to try them. I picked up three bars from her Artfire Studio I still had a little bit of shower gel I wanted to use up before winter starts and my skin gets dry so the bars sat on the counter for about week but every time I walked by I just had to pick one up and smell it! Yum! I couldn't even pick a favorite, I had to peel the plastic wrap off of each of the 3 bars to smell them all.

I hate to admit it, but it's been years since I've used a handmade bar of soap. I used to make bath and body products (not CP or HP soap though, unfortunately) and I knew handmade soap beats store bought or body wash hands down. I just got out of the habit of using it for a while I guess. This soap is rock hard and solid. I just started using it, but with proper care I think it will last a long time and completely offset the higher cost.

Of course, the higher cost of handmade soap is always worth it because you are supported a real person and not a large chain. It's only a few extra dollars for a little bit of daily luxury. Really, what better way to enjoy a few bucks?

This week I started using it and oh. my. goodness. It's amazing! My skin gets so dry I use a medicated cream every 8 hours in the winter to stop from clawing myself up and this has made my skin so soft and so silky. I seriously noticed a difference from one use! I'm sure I'll still have to use some type of lotion this winter but hopefully it will something great smelling and not medicated.

Not only is her soap great, but Rebecca is also a great person and very supportive on Twitter, Facebook and

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  1. I love Rebecca's soaps too! Bought a couple of bars and couldn't WAIT to try them! I have to agree that handmade soap is the best. I have a problem with "teenage acne" (and I'm 48 years old - LOL!) and since I've been using handmade soap I haven't had one breakout! It leaves my skin soft and moisturized and the scents are simply to die for!

    Great stuff!