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Look a little familiar?

I'm surfing the net for the new CHA releases and Maya Road has some new designs.  Check out their blog and scroll down about 1/2 way for the bird cage and bird. That's not the best photo, here's one I snagged from a retailer. Aren't the birdies and separate wings just the cutest things?  Why didn't I think of that?   Oh that's right.  Because I did!  In April 2009.  Here's proof. (Click to enlarge) Now if you look at this scan I have of them on Etsy You can see just how someone could print screen, crop, and use a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to trace the image and lift it.  Just sayin. 

Glass Etching Tutorial Using Circut or Cameo

Etched glass is a great way to decorate your home or make a unique gift for a friend.  Etching looks difficult, but it is very easy if you have a die cutter like the Silhouette Cameo or the Cricut.  This glass etching tutorial gives you all of the steps and supplies that you need to etch any glass! Supplies: Glass to be etched Stencil or vinyl Armor Etch Popsicle Stick or paintbrush Newspaper or other table covering Timer Drywall scraper (or credit card) I used Inkscape to create my monogram.  You can use a stencil or any die cutter, but I just wanted to be sure it was welded and sized right so I used Inkscape.  I use SCAL2 to cut the image with my Cricut.  For easier weeding, put a square around the image so you have a smaller area to work with.  I used shelf liner contact paper because it's what I had on hand and it's cheap.  You can use vinyl if that's what you have. Remove the positive of the image and leave the negative image (leave a hole for the image).