Saturday, May 8, 2010

Scrapbooking Before Cricut, Laptop

How did we ever scrapbook before Cricuts, laptops, and all the other fun toys we have now?? 

Last night I had a few hours to scrap.  I used my Cricut and SCAL for the title on the first page then I got a rush order for some plastic price tags so my Cricut was busy cutting for about an hour trying to get 200 tags done so I could scrap again.  I could have done my titles and die cuts in between loading sheets for the tags, but I really need to use up some supplies.  Sometimes using up supplies helps me get more creative.  No page sketches. No special die cuts.  No titles to cut.  Only things from my stash.  I got two page done before I was just too tired to go anymore. 

My stash has gotten out of control.  I feel an ebay destash lot coming on soon.  Then I can use the money to buy more! 

This week I blogged about using vellum on scrapbook layouts.  On the leaves layout I used vellum twice.  For the Shades of Autumn vellum title I used scrapbook pens on the back to match the colors of the patterned paper.  If you enlarge the photo you can see how smooth and muted it is.  I used Creative Memories vellum adhesive squares cut in half.,  They blend in better in person.  I don't know what is is about photographing it, but it always shows up more in a photo.  For the cute little saying I attached it to the yellow cardstock with eyelets.  I have gobs of eyelets and this seemed like a good time to use them.  I didn't attach it to the paper with the eyelets because I made my embellishments first.  I should have, but it glued down OK without.

For the ferris wheel layout I chalked the edges of the yellow with some orange.  Then I used a purple ink pad to edge them.  It looks great in person.  I have a set of chalk I never use so I thought it was time to dig it back out again.

The Diego Halloween page was very simple and I just used stickers from a Halloween sheet and from a Diego sheet.  I even found one that said Say Click!  How cute!
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Using Vellum in Scrapbooking Tuesday Tips

Vellum was all the rage a few years ago and it's making a comeback for good reason.  It's versatile and fun to use in a scrapbook layout.  Vellum is one of the few embellishments that you can use in almost layout without all of your layouts looking the same.  You can do so many different things with vellum to change the look and feel of the page.

All of my scrapbook pics are on Flickr and I had big plans of reuploading the pics here.  Apparently you can't save a photo from Flickr (it saves as 1x1 pixel) so no photos.  If you're curious, you can see my scrapbook set on Flickr here.  

I love to tear vellum.  It tears so well and gives a new look and texture to the page.   When you tear it, tear really slowly  to make sure you don't tear into the picture or words.  You can tear even a small stripe from vellum.  You can see torn vellum here.

Vellum holds ink well.  I love to ink the edges either on a cut piece or a torn piece.  It really makes it pop on the page and works really well if you're attaching it to a light background.  An example is here

Vellum is great to draw on as well.  To keep the muted look, flip it over and use markers on the back side.  You can make a really custom embellishment to match your page perfectly.  Examples are here and here.  On Fabulous Fall I colored in the back side of the leaves and the page title to make it match my layout.  On the fishing page the sign post is a piece of vellum I used Creative Memories markers to color.

Think outside the box.  Just because a quote is laid out nice and centered on a page doesn't mean you have to keep it that way.  If I can't fit the perfect quote on my page I cut it up.  I cut up a quote on this page and centered it myself to get the effect I wanted.  On this page I used the cut up quote as a border for the whole page. 

I used vellum words to make tags on this page.  The patterned paper still peeks through to coordinate with the layout and I got the words I needed.

Attaching vellum can be difficult.  I like the Creative Memories vellum squares.  The disappear completely with CM vellum, but do show a bit under other vellum.  I've heard you can run vellum through a Xyron but I've never tried it.  I also like to attach vellum with brads and eyelets.  I don't have any pics of these layouts though.

Have fun with your vellum!  I hope I taught you some new techniques.
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