Sunday, September 26, 2010

Photo Shoot

On Saturday I did a photo shoot with my cousin's 1 year old baby.  It was my first time doing portraits and he's 14 months old.  I was pretty nervous, but he did awesome and we had 5 child handlers for him and my 3 kids.  I dressed up my kids as well and finally got some decent shots.  They just will not listen to Mommy!  I don't have the pics of the 1 year old processed yet but wanted to share the pics of my kids.  Thanks for looking!

Caleb - 4
 Dakota - 3
David - 8
These are quick edits with Picnik which I just discovered thanks to my cousin.  For quick edits and effects it's wonderful!  I can't wait to play in Photoshop with these.  The sun was very bright for being 7 PM and it bounced right off the lake. 

And a bonus of Miss Dakota.  I was making sure the settings on my camera were OK and she said take a picture of meeeeeee and this is what I got.  Again, edited in Picnik.  There's a spot on her cheek and I want to get rid of the couch pattern in Photoshop. 
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