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Building Brick Name Sign

My almost 9 year old (No, I'm really not old enough to have a 9 year old!) wants a LEGO room.  LEGO themed items are: 1. hard to find and 2. insanely expensive.  Enter mom, a Cricut, and mod podge. I picked up some generic paintings at a fill a bag sale at the craft store.  I primed it and painted it to cover the ugly pictures.  Then, I used my Cricut to cut out the name from scrapbook paper.  This isn't the official LEGO paper, but I got 25 sheets for $2, so I have plenty to do everything. I used mod podge to attach the letters and let dry.  Then I used regular Mod Podge to start to seal it.  I find that I get a thicker layer of sealer with regular mod podge under the hard coat and there's no stickiness from the mod podge regular formula. Total cost?  50-ish cents.  It's hard to calculate with the fill a bag sale because I got waaaaay more than these pieces of wood. Next up are vinyl wall decals and some custom photography.

Dining Room Make Over

We moved here just over two years ago.  Two years of contractor cream.  Can you get more boring than cream with white woodwork and doors?  No, you can't. I've known since well before we moved in that I wanted my dining room done in Tobacco Road.  I first read about Tobacco Road on Nesting Place .  She's awesome, I've been a reader since waaaaay before she got all fancy with her blog and she was still on Blogger. Tobacco Road is a discontinued Duron color.  Sherwin Williams can recreate it, but at $45 a gallon?   Thanks....but no thanks.  I searched and search the net and found a Behr color code, sent hubs to Home Depot, and crossed my fingers. Oh. Em. Gee.  It is GORGEOUS!  I was scared the Behr knock off wouldn't have that color changing effect like the Duron/SW does.  It looks different in sunlight, overhead lighting, and at different times of the day.  Gorgeous! This is right when you walk in the front door.  The dining room is on the left with the entry