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Monday, June 23, 2014

Weird Animals VBS Decorating

This year, I am on the VBS committee.  It's been a lot of planning and creating, but I think that we are ready for it to start tonight!

We picked the Weird Animals kit from Group.  We picked it for several reasons:  We loved the theme of the group.  I think it's important message that kids need to hear.  It was easy to decorate with all kinds of animals.  It's fun!

Here are some of the decorations that we came up with.  At prom, the school lined most of the gym floor with blue plastic, so we got that for free (alone with the glitter and sand!).  I used my Silhouette Cameo to die cut a lot of things, and we got the rest from Oriental Trading.

This is the front entrance of the church.  This is what the kids see as they first walk in.  We made the waterfall with a photography backdrop stand.  It holds up to 3 bars, so we used dark blue in the back and three shades of blue cut in strips in front of it.  We wrapped the stand with newsprint and made rocks with pillows with a long piece of fabric over them.  We stuck a few fish in the pond.  When the kids arrive, we'll have two fans blowing the front strips so it looks like water is flowing.

Sorry this is so dark, but the sun was setting.  This is also in the entrance (the waterfall is to the left).  We used a plastic pool and covered it with a brown sheet.  Then we put in two grass skirts to make the nest and three large Easter eggs.

This is our registration area.  We still have some of our clutter out, but the decorating is done.  We hung $1 store butterfly wings from the ceiling and put pouffy flowers made with tissue paper all over.  

The entrance for the Critter Cafe.  The parents and kids can see this from the entrance too.  She made an awesome tree and another waterfall.  How cute is this??

Octopus hanging in the Critter Cafe

Caterpillar made with tissue paper puffs.  God Sighting posters underneath.

Outside of the sanctuary.  The registration tables are on either side of the doors.  

This is the sanctuary.  We had no idea that the pastor hates snakes when we put that there!  We did move it when we found out.

We hung a cable and wrapped tightly wrapped newsprint for vines.  The colorful vines are spiral cut pool noodles.  The flowers are cut from cardboard and put on cardboard boxes painted green.   We covered the speaker with a sheet to look like a boulder.  The trees are leftover from prom, so we didn't have to make those.

I haven't gotten photos of the kid stations except for Critter Cafe. We also set up a desert scene in the kids wing for the Bible stories, but we weren't done last night.  I'll try very hard to update those this week.

I hope this helps others doing this kit!