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A Star Wars Christmas

To say that my kids are excited for the new Star Wars movie is a gross understatement.   I thought they owned every Star Wars item there was, but I was so wrong.  I found these great Star Wars Christmas items, and of course they want them all!  If you have a Star Wars fan in your house, you'll definitely want some of these to decorate for the holiday. Star Wars Darth Vader Lighted Airblown Inflatable Christmas Santa     Star Wars Storm Trooper Tinsel Lawn Decor   Star Wars Classic Yoda Tapestry Stocking     Star Wars Darth Vader Tapestry Stocking     Yoda Peekbuster - Star Wars - Hallmark Keepsake Ornament   Storm Trooper Light Set   Star Wars R2D2 Light Set   LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Building Kit   Droid Christmas Gift Wrap   Disney Star Wars Cherry Candy Canes   Disney Star Wars Return of the Jedi 7 pc. Ornament Set   Angry Birds Star Wars 9 Piece Holiday Christmas Ornament Set  

Advent Calendars For Kids

When I was a kid, I had a plain calendar that had pockets to move a  little stuffed animal.  One year, I had one with chocolate inside each little box.  I still remember just how nasty the chocolate was, but I was thrilled that it was chocolate!   My kids love having a fun advent calendar each year.  Of course, Christmas is their favorite time of the year, so they love having a visual representation of exactly how many days are left until Christmas.  Here are my top picks for fun advent calendars for kids.  I wish I could get them all of them, but they will have to rotate through them each year. Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission from sales. Hot Wheels Advent Calendar LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Elf Advent Calendar Tree Advent Calendar Dispicable Me Minion Advent Calendar PLAYMOBIL Santa's Workshop Advent Calendar PLAYMOBIL Christmas Room Barbie Ad

Castile Soap Concentrate for Mopping the Floors and More - No Grating!

How to make a castile soap concetrate for cleaning floors and other surfaces in your home.  Instead of making a gallon to store, this makes a quart of concentrate so its easy to store. I really love liquid castile soap.  I use it to make pretreat stains, and it makes a great all purpose cleaner.  It's gentle and non-toxic, so I feel safe using it with my kids and pets. What I don't love is the price.  I was making my own liquid castile soap, but it always separates.  Sure, you can give it a good shake before you use it, but even if you set it aside for a few minutes, it separates again. Cabinet space is at a premium in my kitchen, and two bottles of soap takes up a lot of room.  Yes, I could store one in the basement, but what are the odds that I will remember to grab it before I need it?  Slim to none. That's why I make this castile soap concentrate to clean my house and mop the floors.  It works just like expensive store bought liquid castile soap, yet it hardly t

How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell From a House

Last week, my mom bought a new home. The former owners were heavy smokers, so the home had been on the market for eight months with few offers. The former owner's family didn't want to clean it, so the price kept dropping. My mom offered half of what they were asking, and they accepted. She got a great deal, but we had a lot of work to do!  Here's what we did to get rid of the smoke smell in her home. Paint The first thing we did was paint the ceilings with Kilz paint . Regular paint won't always cover the smell, but Kilz works great. She didn't want to paint the walls, so we moved on to the next step. Walls To wash the walls, you'll need a lot of rags, several buckets, and a cleaner. First, we scrubbed every surface, nook, and cranny with diluted Purple Power . It's a concentrated degreaser found in the automotive department at Walmart for about $5 a gallon.  We used about a cup per gallon of water. We would scrub a 2-3 foot section of wall and