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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to Paint Plates

This was one of the first home decor projects I did with my Cricut when I got it.  I have always wanted a French country kitchen, but I was stuck with a contractor grade McMansion kitchen.  I didn't have a budget for a lot of home decor.  I resorted to garage sale finds, and boy did I score a few years ago.  

I found quite a few French country blue and yellow pieces for my kitchen.  Among the treasures were these white plates.  She said she displayed them in her hutch and used them on occasionally.  When I saw them, I knew I had the perfect project for them.  I scored five plates for $2!  By the time I was done with them, no one could believe that I didn't buy them that way, let alone that I paid so little for them.

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I started with clean plates.  I hand washed them with Dawn dish soap and let them dry.  Meanwhile, I measured how big I wanted my stencil and cut out shapes with my Cricut.  I cut out shapes from the font Beautiful Ornaments Three using Sure Cuts a Lot.  Unfortunately, SCAL isn't available for the Cricut anymore.  

I cut my stencils out of vinyl so they would stick to the plates.  I weeded out the design and left the outer part of the design.  Then I put transfer tape over the vinyl so I could get them on my plates easier.  

I had a blue paint that I used for the accents in my kitchen, so I used that.  You'll notice that it is just acrylic paint, which you can find for a few dollars at any craft store.

I centered the vinyl stencil on my plate and pressed it down.  I used a drywall scraper to get the air bubbles out.  Then I removed the transfer paper to get ready to paint.

Then I brushed paint on the stencil.  You don't want it to be really thick, but you do want to cover the area completely.

Let it dry for a few minutes and carefully peel the stencil off.  If you let the paint dry completely, the paint can chip off when you peel off the stencil.  Let the plates dry completely before you hang them up.

Here they are all finished!

Obviously, acrylic paint is not food safe.  Do not eat from these plates after you paint them!

My total cost was $2 for the plates and I already had the vinyl, transfer paper, and paint.   Next time you pass a plain plate at a thrift store, grab it!  You can create custom home decor that matches your theme and colors perfectly for just a few bucks!

I used to have the hanging above the windows in my bay window in my kitchen, but we moved.  Now they are hanging over a curved double doorway leading in to the living room.  It was such a long doorway, but these fill the space perfectly.  I wish I could get a photo of all five of them together, but the room is too narrow and they take up more than 6 feet of space!

Have you used your die cutter to make stencils?