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Washi Tape Headbands

Miss Koti Beth has long hair, so we are always looking for cute hair accessories.  She tends to lose them or break them, so I don't like spending a lot of money on her headbands.  We got a pack of 6 headbands in solid colors for $1, but she wanted something with a pattern.  We both love using washi tape, so naturally we used that to make our pretty headbands. Washi Tape Headbands This is what we started with: plastic thin headbands covered in a fabric. First, I used scissors to cut the end of the fabric so we could take it off. Then, choose a style of washi tape.  Solid or something with a small pattern works best, but she wanted to use one with blue flowers and I wanted steampunk.  I found the steampunk washi tape at Pat Catan's, but you can also find it on Amazon .  The blue flower washi tape is also from Pat Catan's. You simply wrap the washi tape around the headband at an angle.  I used a pretty wide angle so I would use less tape and so I could