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  We're going to get personal today, friends.  It's something that affects 51 million women, so odds are pretty good you or someone you know is affected.  That's right, I'm talking about Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) .  Today, I have an interview from a close friend who has LBL.  Read on to see how she handles it in her early 30s.   When did you first start having bladder leakage? Five years ago, I had surgery for an illness.  That surgery affected my bladder, and now I have LBL. How do you find solutions for protection? At first I tried wearing period pads, but they are bulky.  For me, Depend works better because they offer more protection. How did you feel when you found out that you have LBL? I was upset, but I was just thankful that my other illness was over.  I'm alive, and if this is the worst that happens, then I can deal with it. Do you have any advice for others who experience LBL? Yes...always know where the restroom is! Depend has a ne

Laundry Fabric Care 101

I've been washing clothes since I was a teenage, but I have to admit that there are still some things that I don't know about fabric care.  I was throwing everything together in one load except black or red and white clothes, but I noticed that some of our clothes were wearing pretty quickly. Washing your clothes properly helps extend their lives.  I know I spend a lot of quality clothes, so I want them to last!  Nothing is worse than your favorite jeans getting worn out and having to replace them! Here's a handy guide to reference so you know how to take care of your clothes.  Enjoy! Courtesy of: Alight

What to Include in a Military Care Package #DEcares

Although I never served, several close friends have served.  I am eternally grateful for their service, and I do support the our troops in various activities.  One way I chose to say thanks was by having my Girl Scout troop adopt a solider. Last year, we sent two care packages along with a box full of Girl Scout cookies for our solider.  We also sent an Adopt a Soldier patch for him, and we got a picture of him holding it in full gear.  The girls loved seeing a picture of him! Our adopted soldier holding a Girl Scout patch. If you'd like to say thanks, here are some tips to help you create a care package for helping veterans . Packing the Box USPS has a large flat rate box with a special rate for military addresses.  If you are sending heavy items, this will probably be cheaper.  If your items are light, weight-based Priority mail may be cheaper. It's a good idea to include a list of the contents inside the box.  This should also have the recipient's name