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#RecycleYourPeriodPad Poise is Better for LBL

Ladies, are you one of three women who suffers from Light Bladder Leakage (LBL)?  Most women reach for period pads to help them stay dry, but there's a better choice.   Poise pads are made just for LBL, so they keep you drier.  So what will you do with your stash of period pads that aren't made for LBL?  Keep reading! 1.  Bandage We keep several period pads in our medical supplies because they can absorb more blood in an emergency.  Just place it on the wound and wrap gauze around it.  Hopefully you never need to know this, but there you go! 2.  Take off nail polish If I use several coats of polish or glitter polish, I can go through several cotton balls.  Just one pad will take off all of my polish. 3.  Slippers Yes, you can make slippers out of them.  Lay one flat for the bottom and wrap another one around it to make a spot for your foot to slip in. 4.  Clean tools Since they stick to your hand, spray cleaner on them and use them to clean tools and other