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Monday, July 27, 2015

Group Everest VBS Decorating Ideas

Two weeks ago, my church did the Everest VBS kit from Group.  As always, Group did not disappoint.  It was a great kit, and the kids had a blast!  We really loved the songs on the CD, and the kids had fun dancing and singing.  For decorations, we went with the mountain hiking and snow theme.  I took some photos the weekend before VBS, but we did add more through the week.  I'm not sure there was a square foot of wall or ceiling that wasn't covered.  We used blue plastic table covers on the ceilings and added a balloon arch in one hallway that aren't shown here.

Here are our Everest VBS decorations!

The milk jug igloo was definitely a labor of love.  We started with about 10 of us working with regular glue guns, but then someone borrowed an industrial glue gun to finish it.  

This is the entrance to the sanctuary.  These were all borrowed from people in the church.  We used large cardboard tubes for the columns and a large piece of cardboard for the roof.  The snow was felt from someone's stash.

This is the entrance to Mountaintop Treats. We used cardboard for the roof and just added brown paper to the doors and drew lines to make it look like a cabin.

This is in one of our long hallways.  The base is PVC pipe with plastic table clothes on top.  She added some hanging snowflakes and LED Christmas lights.

This is our youth wing where we had the opening and closing.  The banners are from Oriental Trading Company.  They fit with the mountain theme, but I think they could be used with nearly any VBS kit.  On the stage, there's a mural and we cut mountains out of cardboard for more depth.  The poles are numbered for crews.  There's a bag hanging from one side of the T and an attendence sheet on the other.

Here's a better shot of the stage.  We just hung posters from OTC and Group around to fill in the gaps.  

This is one of our long hallways.  This was a tent I took in to fill a large area.  You can see some of the items hanging on the ceiling.  The blue things on the ceiling 

This is the sanctuary.  We used more of the banners from OTC and posters from Group and OTC.  We had Bible Adventures in here, so it was decorated differently each day.  

I hope you enjoyed my Everest VBS decorations!