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How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell From a House

Last week, my mom bought a new home. The former owners were heavy smokers, so the home had been on the market for eight months with few offers. The former owner's family didn't want to clean it, so the price kept dropping. My mom offered half of what they were asking, and they accepted. She got a great deal, but we had a lot of work to do!  Here's what we did to get rid of the smoke smell in her home. Paint The first thing we did was paint the ceilings with Kilz paint . Regular paint won't always cover the smell, but Kilz works great. She didn't want to paint the walls, so we moved on to the next step. Walls To wash the walls, you'll need a lot of rags, several buckets, and a cleaner. First, we scrubbed every surface, nook, and cranny with diluted Purple Power . It's a concentrated degreaser found in the automotive department at Walmart for about $5 a gallon.  We used about a cup per gallon of water. We would scrub a 2-3 foot section of wall and

How to Stay Comfortable While Camping

My husband and kids love to go camping.  Me?  Not so much.  I prefer having electricity, running water, and a real roof over my head.  There are times that I must compromise, and this is one of them.  If I have to go, I might as well be comfortable, right?  Here's how I stay comfortable while camping. 1.  Cute and comfortable clothes. Just because I'm living in the woods for a few days does not mean that I need to be frumpy.  I wear comfortable clothes, but I make sure that I'm still cute.  No huge baggy shirts except for sleeping in! 2.  Toiletries I've got to watch scented items because of the bugs, but I do take my favorite products with me.  I use my regular face wash and moisturizer because it has an SPF in it.  I don't wear makeup, but some lip gloss can help me feel a little better. 3.  Liners We have to plan our camping weekend around my cycle, but things come up.  That's why I love  U by Kotex® liners .  They are comfortable and flex with

How to Beat the Afternoon Slump

You know that 2:00 slump?  When you're not sure that you can make it through the afternoon?  I used to grab a Diet Dew or another cup of coffee, but that's just a temporary fix.  Once the caffeine wears off, I have a 4:00 slump, which is even worse than the 2:00 slump!  Keep reading for ways to beat the afternoon slump. How to Beat the Afternoon Slump Get Moving It's best to get outside in the sunshine, but if that's not possible get moving in your house.  You don't need to break a sweat, but get your heart pumping for at least 10 minutes. Snacking Instead of grabbing a sugary snack or a caffeinated drink, a much better choice is to eat a snack that is full of protein for a longer energy boost.  That's why I love Plenti yogurt . They started with Greek yogurt, which is high in protein and a healthy snack choice in itself.  Then they added flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, whole grain oats, and fruit to make it even more filling.  It's high in pr