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Castile Soap Concentrate for Mopping the Floors and More - No Grating!

How to make a castile soap concetrate for cleaning floors and other surfaces in your home.  Instead of making a gallon to store, this makes a quart of concentrate so its easy to store. I really love liquid castile soap.  I use it to make pretreat stains, and it makes a great all purpose cleaner.  It's gentle and non-toxic, so I feel safe using it with my kids and pets. What I don't love is the price.  I was making my own liquid castile soap, but it always separates.  Sure, you can give it a good shake before you use it, but even if you set it aside for a few minutes, it separates again. Cabinet space is at a premium in my kitchen, and two bottles of soap takes up a lot of room.  Yes, I could store one in the basement, but what are the odds that I will remember to grab it before I need it?  Slim to none. That's why I make this castile soap concentrate to clean my house and mop the floors.  It works just like expensive store bought liquid castile soap, yet it hardly t