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Castile Soap Concentrate for Mopping the Floors and More - No Grating!

How to make a castile soap concetrate for cleaning floors and other surfaces in your home.  Instead of making a gallon to store, this makes a quart of concentrate so its easy to store. I really love liquid castile soap.  I use it to make pretreat stains, and it makes a great all purpose cleaner.  It's gentle and non-toxic, so I feel safe using it with my kids and pets. What I don't love is the price.  I was making my own liquid castile soap, but it always separates.  Sure, you can give it a good shake before you use it, but even if you set it aside for a few minutes, it separates again. Cabinet space is at a premium in my kitchen, and two bottles of soap takes up a lot of room.  Yes, I could store one in the basement, but what are the odds that I will remember to grab it before I need it?  Slim to none. That's why I make this castile soap concentrate to clean my house and mop the floors.  It works just like expensive store bought liquid castile soap, yet it hardly t

A New Way To Stop SUI

Do you have that group of friends that you can laugh with?   You know, the ones where you know a dinner out with them means hours of laughter until you look around and realize that it's just your table and the wait staff left in the restaurant.  Those are my friends.  We are crazy together, but we are well behaved for the most part. Most of us have kids in our group, so when we all start laughing, a few of us have to excuse ourselves.  Unfortunately, the fits of laughter trigger stress urinary incontinence (SUI) , which can happen when you cough, sneeze, laugh, exercise, or even lift something. My friends know that I've blogged for Poise pads before, so we joke that we need to pass some around before we start laughing.  Only most of us aren't joking.  We are using them! Not me.  I've switched to Poise Impressa because it stops leaks before they start--without medication! Poise Impressa looks like a tampon, but it's not meant to absorb leakage.  Instead,