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It's My Thing: Fruit Shoot and Martial Arts

While most parents are at the soccer field or at the baseball field, we are at a dojo.  Even though our sport lasts all year, we do enjoy the comfort of a climate controlled building at which to watch our children in their sport.  Between our three kids, two take karate and all three take ju jitsu.  My husband and I both take tai chi, so I guess we are a martial arts family.  It's our thing. I love having my kids in martial arts because it's great exercise.  They are also learning self-discipline and pushing themselves to do their best.  They do compete sometimes, but it's mostly a competition against themselves, and they have to push themselves to do their best to earn their next rank.  My two kids in karate have already moved up two belts and a few stripes and one belt in ju jitsu. None of their friends take martial arts, so it's kind of their thing.  They like doing something different, especially my daughter.   They love martial arts because they are