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Finding The Right Car

Sponsored post. There are few things I hate shopping for more than a new(er) car.  I'd rather try on jeans and swimming suits than try out cars.  I should have a few years left with my beloved car, but I have no idea what kind of car I'll want to buy next.  Honestly, it's overwhelming for me.  I need to narrow it down, but where do I start?  Here's how I'll be finding the right car for me. 1.  What do you need? To start narrowing down all of the possible vehicles, think about your needs.  How many passengers will you have? How far is your commute? Do you have to factor in ice and snow? Do you need to tow anything? How much cargo space do you need? Will you be using a car seat? Ideally, you'll want to carry your entire family.  Do you often have people with you?  Then you may want an extra seat or two for grandparents or your kids' teammates.   If you have a long commute, you may want a fuel efficient vehicle. If you have kids