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Monday, November 20, 2017

How to Increase Your Chances of Quitting Smoking

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My husband smokes.  He has never tried to end his addiction with tobacco, but he thinks that he is ready now.  As he's getting older, he can see the effect that it's having on his health.  We have three kids, and he wants to be around to watch them grow up, get married, and start their own families someday.  

Ending the addiction to cigarettes won't be easy for him, but I'm ready to support him.  I'm a planner and researcher, so I started looking for ways to help him be successful.  He doesn't have to quit smoking alone; there are ways for him to get support.

How to Increase Your Chances of Quitting Smoking…

1.  Know why and when you smoke.

Before you can quit smoking, you need to know why and when you smoke.  My husband smokes after meals and when he needs a break.  I suggested that he keep having a five minute break, but instead of going outside, he find something else to take a break.  Avoiding situations that make you want to light up will help you be more successful.

2.  Find new hobbies.

Find ways to keep busy without smoking.  Go for a walk as a family, or take up a new craft.  This can help reduce stress and keeps your hands busy so you don't want to light up.

3.  Set a date.

Know that quitting smoking is a process.  Set goals and an end date.  If you smoke a pack a day now, set a date of when you want to be smoking half of a pack a day.  Then choose a quit date.  That date could be several weeks or even three months from now, but it's important to know that it can take a while.  

4.  Get support.  

My husband decided to try the NicoDerm® CQ® Patch for support.  It's a nicotine patch that you wear for 24 hours to help fight the urge to smoke.  It delivers nicotine fast when you put it on and then throughout the day thanks to the Extended Release SmartControl® Technology.

I got him the NicoDerm® CQ® Patch at CVS Pharmacy. In November, GSK Consumer Healthcare is contributing $1 to the American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE (up to $100,000) for every box of Nicorette® or NicoDerm® CQ® purchased. * Offer valid 10/29/17 - 12/2/17.

*Purchases made between 10/29/17 – 12/2/17, up to $100,000 donation amount. Promotion ends on 12/2/17 or at $100,000 goal, whichever comes first. Behavioral support program increases chances of success. Read and follow label directions. The American Lung Association does not endorse any product, device or service.

He decided to use NicoDerm® CQ® Patch because it provides continual nicotine all day. It also provides a step-wise approach to help you decrease the amount of nicotine until you don't need it anymore. If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day, see the below directions for using the product, which can also be found on the brand’s website:

  • Step 1 - Use a 21-mg patch each day for six weeks.
  • Step 2 - Use a 14-mg patch each day for two weeks.
  • Step 3 - Use a 7-mg patch each day for two weeks.

If you smoke 10 or less cigarettes a day, start with step 2 for six weeks and move to step 3 for two weeks before stopping.  For best results, use a new patch every day and complete the treatment.  

5. Reward yourself.

Once you meet each milestone, reward yourself. You could buy a new outfit, go on an overnight trip, or even have your favorite meal. Whatever you choose, know that you worked hard to earn it.

Are you or a loved one ready to quit smoking for good? Find the product that's right for you.