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Friday, August 2, 2019

10 Romantic Comedy Books To Read Right Now

If you're looking for a new book, here are 10 romantic comedy books to read right now.

This summer, I've made it a point to make time to read.  I used to read a lot, then I had kids and started working, and I stopped reading.

I want my kids to read, so I have to set a good example by reading, too.  Now instead of watching Netflix before bed, I spend a few hours reading.

The 10 best romantic comedy books to read. I love these romance books because they are funny, good, and cute reads for 2019. This list of best selling recommended fiction for women has some popular titles and great read for book lovers.  If you need ideas to add to your to read list, check these out.  #books #romcom

This also means more time at the library, which is rubbing off on my kids.  Even Caleb picked up a few books to read this summer.  They are about video games, but at least he's reading.

I was going to do a separate book review on each one, but since I am so far behind on books, I think I'll just do one post for the last several romantic comedy books I've read.  Maybe I'll do this at each 10 I read.

I'm averaging two books a week, so that seems like a good compromise.  You'll get new book ideas about every 6-8 weeks, and I won't go crazy posting all the time.


I think part of the reason that I stopped reading so much was that I was picking deep books.  I looked for books that were mysteries or had some psychological element to them.

I used to read in the afternoon to relax or during down time.  Now I only have a chance to read at night.

I needed something that was fun, light, and easy to read in a few nights, like romantic comedy books.  I also wanted something that I could pick up and put down without having to remember a lot of details.

I was never one for romances.  If they are your thing, then that's great.  They just weren't for me.  But I couldn't look at any book lists without seeing The Hating Game by Sally Thorne.

I figured I'd give it a shot, probably send it back to the library after a few chapters, and move on.

Wrong.  Hands down, it was one of the best books I'd read in a while.  It was light, fun, and easy to read.  Exactly what I need right now.

That book sparked the rest of these romantic comedy books, which is probably pretty obvious after you read what they are about.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

In The Hating Game, Lucy and Josh work together at a publishing firm.  She works in the same office as her nemesis, Josh.  Lucy is nice and a hard worker.  Josh is cold and intimidating.  They are stuck in a game of trying to one up each other, and the winner becomes the other's boss. 

The Hating Game.  The book that started it all.  This book was all over my Goodreads and everywhere I looked in lists of romantic comedy books.  I put it on hold and expected some cheesy romance.

I can admit when I am wrong.  This was an excellent book.  The characters were likable, it had a great plot, and it was hilarious. 

There's a movie in the works, and I simply can not wait to see it. 

The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

Kristen is a no drama kind of girl.  She also has a medical problem that prevents here from having kids.  She meets Joshua, who is pretty much perfect for her.  Except he wants a large family.  She keeps him in the friend zone to protect him and her secret. 

The Friend Zone was a cute and easy read like most romantic comedy books.  The characters had a lot of quirks, which I liked because it make it seem like I've known the for years.  

There was more character development in this books than other books in the chick lit genre.  I wouldn't call it deep, but the characters definitely acted true to their personalities.

This book was funny and had some cheesy moments that you know wouldn't happen in real life, but it also had some emotional aspects that tugged at my heartstrings.

Without giving away the ending, I'm not sure how I feel.  Yes, I like books like this to be wrapped up in a nice neat package, but it didn't seem real.  I think someone who has walked that path may be upset, but the author did say that it was based loosely on a friend's experience.

Fight or Flight by Samantha Young

Ava is flying home when she meets, Caleb, an arrogant jerk.  Somehow, they end up having the best sex of their lives and figure they will never meet again.  

But circumstances change, and they are thrown together, and Caleb doesn't stop getting on Ava's nerves. 

Fight or Flight was a cute book and an easy read.  It was pretty predictable as a romantic comedy books, and I knew how it would end after the first chapter. 

It was well written, and I needed an easy read.  It was funny, witty, and the author has a good grasp of grammar and how to use words.

The plot moved quickly, even if it was predictable.  It's a good beach read or lazy afternoon read.

Fix Her Up by Tess Bailey

Georgie's family runs a business flipping houses.  She became a clown.  Her brother's best friend, and her teenage crush, returns to town.  Will he take her seriously or still think of her as her brother's little sister?

Fix Her Up was cute and funny.  While it wasn't the best book in this list of romantic comedy books, I'm still glad I read it.  I could relate to the characters in that Georgie is the youngest and not taken seriously. 

It was fairly predictable, but it was a quick and easy read.  The characters were fairly stereotypical.  I didn't really find myself rooting for the guy, and he seemed rather immature and not good enough for her. 

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Olive is never lucky.  Her twin always wins everything.  When Olive's twin can't go on the honeymoon cruise she won, Olive takes her place.  

The groom's best friend, Ethan, joins her.  But Olive and Ethan hate each other.  Can they pretend to be honeymooners for a free dream vacation?

The Unhoneymooners was shared all over the place in romantic comedy books, so I had to grab it.  I loved this book!! 

It wasn't a deep book, but it was hilarious.  There were several laugh out loud parts, which made up for the lack of depth.

Yes, it was predictable, but it was an easy read and perfect for before bed when you just want to relax and take your mind off of your day. 

The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary

Tiffy needs a cheap place to live.  Leon works nights and is never in his flat.  Leon also needs money.  They will never be there at the same time, so it's perfect. 

I almost quit on The Flatshare.  It came highly recommended, but I just didn't like the writing style.  It just didn't flow well. 

There were some plot holes.  Not large ones, but enough that it just didn't seem to flow.  This book had a lot of telling and not showing.

The grammar really bugged me in this book.  I mean really bugged me.  The author must have a dislike of quotation marks. 

The plot and subplot were fairly predictable, but it was still a decent story for romantic comedy books.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

Eleanor is socially awkward.  She does the same thing every day at the same time.  Other than work, she talks to no one.  She meets Raymond, who helps her decide to make changes in her life. 

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine was a little deeper than other nine books on this list.  It was very well written and had a lot of character development.  It's not really one of the romantic comedy books, but I'm adding it to this list anyway.

The author has a way with words that pulls you into the story and makes you want to keep reading.  There were lines that I had to stop and reread because the insight from the author was just amazing.

This is going to be a movie with Reese Witherspoon, and I can't wait.  This was a great book, so definitely add this one to your list.

Meet Cute by Helen Hunting

Kailyn runs into her teenage actor crush in an awkward meet cute.  They became friends, but he betrayed her.  They meet up years later, and this time he needs help. 

Meet Cute also came highly recommended for romantic comedy books, but I thought it was just okay.  It's cute and lighthearted, so it's a fairly easy read.  There's not a lot of character development, but the plot moves fairly quickly.

The guy was fairly shallow as far as his character went.  He was a decent guy, but I didn't find myself rooting for him.

99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

Darcy and Tom grew up together, and Tom is her hero.  But Tom is also Darcy's brother's best friend and off limits.

99 Percent Mine is Sally's second novel and also one of the books on most romantic comedy books list.  I honestly didn't think it could be as good as The Hating Game, but it was pretty close.  There was decent character development, so I felt like I knew the characters.  They were fairly stereotypical, however.

The author has a real talent for writing.  Her words flow nicely, and she has a great choice of words.

Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

Emma has a lot of secrets.  When she freaks out that her plane is going to go down, she spills all of her secrets in a long babble to her seatmate.  She'll never see him again, so what's the harm?  Only she does see him again.

Sophie Kinsella is hit or miss for me.  Some of her romantic comedy books are good, and others I've had to quit part way through.  Can You Keep a Secret? was a hit for me. 

It was hilarious, fun, and quick to read.  It's a great beach read or for a lazy summer afternoon.

Have you read anything good lately?

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The 10 best romantic comedy books to read. I love these romance books because they are funny, good, and cute reads for 2019. This list of best selling recommended fiction for women has some popular titles and great read for book lovers.  If you need ideas to add to your to read list, check these out.  #books #romcom