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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

What Foods Can Be Frozen? This Might Surprise You!

Do you know what foods can be frozen?  It might surprise you!  I use my stand up freezer to save both time and money, and here's how you can too.

When we got married, my husband already had a stand up freezer.  Even though it was just us and then our oldest for the first five years, the freezer was invaluable.

It eventually died, and we went without one for a while.  It stunk.  By then, I had three little ones and only the freezer in my fridge.

What foods can you freeze? Here's a list of frozen food ideas to save you time and save money on your grocery budget.  This list is the uncommon foods that you can freeze, so these ideas and tips and tricks may surprise you! Get a list of freezer safe foods and packaging ideas. Use it to stockpile or for freezer cooker.  Save time on kitchen meal prep with these kitchen hacks and lifehacks. #cooking #frugal #freezer

My dad gifted us a stand up freezer one year for Christmas.  It was a huge blessing for us.  I was able to stock up on food when it was on sale to save money.  I could also make freezer meals so I could save a lot of time.

Even though my parents had a freezer when I was growing up that was always full of food, I didn't know what foods can be frozen.

Freezing foods save a lot of time and money, so here are some tips for knowing what foods can be frozen and how to use your freezer effectively.

What Foods Can Be Frozen?

Best Containers for Freezing Foods

Before we talk about what foods can be frozen, lets talk about the best containers for freezing foods.  I use a combination of mason jars, freezer bags, and freezer containers.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are great for freezing in.  They tuck right in the door nice and neat.  Just leave some head space on the top for expansion.  I bought some plastic lids to use on my jars for the freezer and for storage.

Freezer Containers

I used to reuse plastic containers like butter containers, sour cream containers, etc to freeze in.  They work really well for short term storage.  Any longer than that and the food can get ice crystals.

I ended up buying Ziploc freezer storage containers.  They are affordable and have a twist lid, so I don't have to worry about them spilling.  I don't have any problems with ice crystals now.

Freezer Bags

I also use freezer bags.  Make sure you get ones that are for the freezer though.  I do get some ice crystals, but they are convenient for separating bulk meat.

I also use them for freezer corn and veggies and fruits.  Lay them flat, squeeze the air out, and lay them flat in the freezer.  Once frozen, stand them up to save room.

Whatever container you use, make sure you label what you freeze.  You will forget.  I cut up sticker paper and put it in a drawer in the kitchen with a Sharpie.

Now you know how to freeze foods, let's move on to what foods can be frozen.


When butter is on sale around Christmas, I buy extra and freeze it for later.  Butter will take on the flavor of other foods, so wrap it in foil or put it in a freezer bag.


Can you freeze cheese?  Absolutely!  You can freeze cheese either as a block or shredded.

When you unfreeze cheese that was frozen as a block, it tends to crumble.  It probably won't be the best for sandwiches or grilled cheese, but it's great for cooking with.

Shredded cheese works better in the freezer.  It might change texture, so I usually use it in cooking and not on salads or other cold dishes.

Cream Cheese and Sour Cream

Both cream cheese and sour cream are in the list of what foods can be frozen but with a special note.  They tend to get watery when you thaw them, so they won't be good for spreading on a bagel or topping a taco.

But if you get a great deal, you can freeze it to use in recipes.  Frozen and thawed cream cheese is perfect for making cheesecakes and other desserts.


Yes, you can freeze eggs!  This is probably the most surprising item on a list of what foods can be frozen.

When we had over 40 chickens, I had a lot of extra eggs.  Don't freeze them in the shell though.

Crack them into an ice cube tray and freeze them that way.  You can then move them to a freezer bag or a freezer container.

Thawed eggs don't whip up really well, so don't use them to make an angel food cake.


I use a lot of weird flours in my baking.  I don't want them to go bad, so I store them in the freezer.

Mashed Potatoes

Every time I make mashed potatoes, I make a double batch and freeze some.  It does get watery when it thaws, but give it a good stir and it's just like fresh potatoes.


I grow several of my own herbs.  Most I dry and use that way, but sometimes I cut the fresh herbs and place in an ice cube tray.  Cover with olive oil or water and freeze.

The herbs will be limp, but they are great for soups.


Sometimes I freeze baked goods, and other times I freeze the dough.  I think cookies from frozen dough taste better than frozen cookies.  I also freeze pie crusts, bread dough, pizza crusts, and biscuits.


Soups freeze very well.  I make a big batch and freeze leftovers in single serve containers.  They make a great lunch.


I don't use nuts a lot in cooking.  They are expensive, so I hate wasting them.  Put them in a freezer container and freeze them.

The oils in the nuts won't go rancid as quickly if you freeze them.  Wrap them in plastic or use a freezer bag.


Can you freeze rice?  Yes!  I do it all the time.  I always make extra and freeze part for the next time.

Frozen rice works best in recipes or in soups instead of being eaten on its own.


Most fruits freeze well.  Depending on how you want to use the fruit later, either freeze it whole or in slices.

If you'll want small portions or slices to use later, line a baking sheet with parchment paper and lay the fruit on it in a single layer and freeze.  Then transfer to a freezer container or freezer bag.

You can use frozen fruits for smoothies, desserts, or even quick breaks.  Freeze bananas when they are soft to make banana bread.

Baked Goods

Most homemade or storebought baked goods freeze really well.  You can freeze cookies, cakes, pies, doughnuts, and more.

One year I left the scout cake auction with four cakes.  I froze them completely decorated.  They tasted amazing a month later when I thawed them.

When I bake, I almost always double the recipe to freeze a batch.


It doesn't take any extra time to cook more pasta.  Make a double batch and freeze the cooked and drained pasta for the next time.


I'm sure you knew that meat would be on a list of what foods can be frozen.  My freezer is mostly full of meat.  I buy it on sale or in bulk and freeze it.  But don't forget about freezing cooked meat, too.

I always double my meatloaf and freeze one either raw or cooked.  I also cook and shred chicken and freeze to use in other recipes.

I also freeze cooked ground beef for quick and easy meals.


Can you freeze yogurt?  Yes!  My kids love frozen yogurt.  They eat it as a frozen treat, and we don't thaw it to eat like plain yogurt.

You can thaw it in the fridge and eat as plain yogurt.


I freeze bread sometimes.  If you get a good deal on bread, stick a few loaves in the freezer for later.

Personally, I don't like frozen and thawed breads.  I do freeze it for French toast, toast, or making dessert like bread pudding.

Food Scraps

Yes, I actually have a freezer bag of food scraps.  I save onion peels and scraps, celery tops and scraps, garlic, and carrots to make my Instant Pot chicken broth.

Now you know what foods can be frozen so you can save time and money!

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What foods can you freeze? Here's a list of frozen food ideas to save you time and save money on your grocery budget.  This list is the uncommon foods that you can freeze, so these ideas and tips and tricks may surprise you! Get a list of freezer safe foods and packaging ideas. Use it to stockpile or for freezer cooker.  Save time on kitchen meal prep with these kitchen hacks and lifehacks. #cooking #frugal #freezer

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