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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Autism or Homeschool Printable Chore Chart Customizable

Use this autism or homeschool printable chore chart to help your kids be more independent and remember all of their chores and class work.

We've been learning at home for years, but we were using an online public school.  It was no longer a good fit for us, so we moved to traditional homeschooling this year.

It's been a huge stress reliever for all of us.  We were so stressed out all the time.  All we did was work on school or worry about school last year.

One nice thing about the online public school is that the lessons were done and there was a daily to do list.  With our new curriculum, we go by time and not the number of lessons.

I started out the year with a planner for each kid to mark down their time and for me to assign which assignments to do each day.  I quickly found out that I can't assign assignments by the week because one lesson could take 15 minutes while the next one takes an hour.

Autism or Homeschool Printable Chore Chart

Even though traditional homeschooling is so much easier and less time consuming than online public school was, I still managed to find more ways to fill my time.

My kids are 12 and 13 and in 7th and 9th grade.  They need to be more independent.  I can not sit by them all day, every day, and work through assignments.

I quickly found out that if I'm not sitting beside them, we had to have some type of a chore or assignment chart.

These aren't cute or fancy chore charts, but I like them because you can personalize them.  They will grow and change with your child each day or even by the week, month, or year.

I normally use pictures and make visual charts because Caleb has autism.  He's 13 now, so they aren't as important to use as they were when he was younger.  If your kids are younger or could benefit from visual chore charts, you can add photos.

How to Make a Printable Chore Chart


I stared by using Google Docs to create both the to do list and the little squares.  Then I laminated them, used a lot of hook and loop fasteners, and created a printable chore chart for homeschool or autism that it completely customization.

For the To Do and Done page, I made a table with cells 1.5 inches high.

You can create your own chore chart with those dimensions or click here to open it to print.

Then on a separate sheet, I made 1.45" inch squares.

You can create your own or use this template.  Click on this link to open the document, then click on File and Make a Copy.  You will then able to edit it.  You can type in text or insert photos.

Then print them and laminate.  I love my Scotch laminator.  It's fairly inexpensive, so it's perfect for home use.  I bought laminating pouches at Aldi when they have them before school starts.  They work great!

Then cut the squares and use hoop and loop fasteners.  I put the soft part in each square on the to do list and the rough part on each square.

I add a smooth square to the back of the chart for extras so they don't get lost.  I always print a few blank ones so I can use a dry erase marker to make a temporary one.

Hook and loop tape can get expensive. I use the Darice brand hoop and loop.  It's pretty cheap, and it comes in a roll so you can cut what you need.  The adhesive is strong and won't pull off even with daily use.

I have all of our autism charts and to do lists on the side of the fridge.  These are the ones that we are currently using.  Most magnets won't hold these charts, so I got these clips with strong magnets to hold them.

I hope these help you get ideas for chore charts.

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How to make a chore chart for kids. This template is editable so you can add pictures for a visual chart. Use for chores or homeschool. This is a simple and customizable free printable chore chart for kids. Use it daily as an easy way to keep track of chores. Use this blank chore chart for an easy household chore chart ideas for your kids. #chorechart #homeschool #autism #printable

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