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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

How to Remove Odors From Furniture Naturally + Fabric and Linen Spray Recipe

Learn how to remove odors from furniture naturally plus get a fabric and linen spray recipe.  These natural cleaning tips will help you keep your fabric, including furniture, smelling great.

I'm going to start my yearly clean and purge soon.  I usually take a few weeks and work on it slowly but steadily.  By the time I'm done, each surface will be clean and several bags of donation items will be gone.

Three years ago, we finally splurged and got a new couch and recliners for the living room.  In almost 20 years of marriage, we had always had used or hand me down furniture.   

Our kids were hard on furniture.  I can't tell you how many couches we lost because the boys would rock on them or stand next to them and rock.  (It's an autism thing.)

The kids were older, so we finally felt comfortable buying new.  After shopping for furniture, we decided that furniture shopping was not something we enjoyed doing.  We ended up with a custom built sectional couch and two overstuffed chairs that would, hopefully, last for many, many years.

I almost cried getting that cashier's check, but it was worth it.  They have held up great, and I think we should be able to use them for 10 to 15 years.  

We don't use chemicals for cleaning.  I have a kid with asthma, and it causes too many breathing issues.  I also have pets and kids that I don't want exposed to any harmful chemicals.

I make or buy my own natural cleaning supplies.  They work just as well as the chemicals do without hurting the air quality.

This post on how to remove odors from furniture naturally is inspired by my furniture, but it can also work on clothes or pillows.  No matter what you're using these tips for, always check the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

How to Remove Odors From Furniture Naturally

Essential Oils to Remove Odors

Before we get to the tips, lets discuss essential oils.  You can use one of the following to make these recipes or diffuse in the air to remove odors.  Be sure to use them safely and research whether they are pet or kid safe before using.

I really like the Simply Earth BO Be Gone blend for removing odors.  It has patchouli, ylang ylang, sandalwood, lavender, and sweet orange.  You can diffuse this to remove odors in the air.  

You can also use one or more of the following:

I also really like Thieves oil for getting rid of smells.  Learn how to make a Thieves oil blend to add to one of these recipes.  

Simply Earth also has a Defender blend that is similar to Thieves oil.  

Baking Soda

The baking soda trick is my favorite because it works on almost all fabrics.  Since you don't use water or any liquid, you don't have to worry about water spots.

This method does take several hours to work, but you don't have any drying time.

Baking soda naturally absorbs odors.  It neutralizes odors and helps freshen up your couch or recliner. 

It also works on pillows, carpets,  and other fabrics as long as they can lay flat.

Simply sprinkle baking soda all over your furniture.  I use it on the back of the couch and chairs and the seating area.  My cats like to lay on the back of the couch, so I put it there too.

Let it sit or at least an hour.  Overnight is best though.  Then vacuum it up, and your furniture will smell great again.

I use a powder container so I can cover the furniture evenly.  If you want to add essential oils, add 1- to 15 drops per cup of baking soda.  Arm and Hammer also has a convenient shaker container that you can use and then refill.

Learn more about cleaning with baking soda.

Vinegar Spray Recipe

The baking soda should work on overall odors, but if you have just one spot or a stain, try making a vinegar spray recipe.  

Simply combine 1/2 tablespoon dish soap, 1/4 cup white vinegar, and 3/4 cup water in a spray bottle.  Spray on the fabric and rub with a microfiber cloth or a scrubbing brush.  

Rinse with clean water until there are no more suds.  Let dry.

Vinegar may damage some fabrics, so always test in a hidden spot.  

Learn more about how to clean with vinegar.

Activated Charcoal

Like baking soda, activated charcoal is excellent for absorbing odors.  It will stain your couch if you sprinkle it, so use a bag of activated charcoal and place it in the corners to absorb odors.

I don't recommend using these if you have kids that like the bounce on furniture.  If it explodes, you will have a huge mess.


Vodka is an excellent natural deodorizer.  It neutralizes odors and refreshes fabric, and it can also disinfect.

You can fill a spray bottle with straight vodka and spray the fabrics.  It will smell like, well, vodka, but the scent goes away as it dries.


Sachets are more for long-term odor control, but I would feel better using them over using a charcoal sachet in case they break.

Simply fill a sachet with baking soda and dried herbs.  You can use lavender, dried rose petals, lemon balm, or rosemary.  Learn how to make a no sew lavender scented drawer sachet here.  Tuck it in the corners of your couch to make your couch smell good.  

You an also find odor eliminating sachets on Etsy.

DIY Fabric Refresher Spray Recipe 

There are several recipes, most using vinegar or rubbing alcohol.  Rubbing alcohol can cause breathing problems in some people or even skin rashes.  I use vinegar for cleaning often, but I don't like to spray it on my furniture because the scent lingers a long time.

I prefer to use vodka for a few reasons.  The scent disappears quickly.  Vodka kills bacteria naturally and reduces odors as well as vinegar or rubbing alcohol.  Vodka also acts like a natural emulsifier, so it helps the essential oils combine with the water.

I recommend a high proof vodka like Everclear, which is 190 proof.  I did not have Everclear when I made this, so I used a lower proof.  It will still work, but the higher the proof, the better it works.


  • 1/2 cup high proof vodka
  • 1/2 cup distilled water
  • 50 drops essential oils (I use BO Be Gone)

Tools and Supplies


Step #1

Pour the vodka into a spray bottle.

Step #2

Add essential oils and shake to combine.  I used BO Be Gone.

Step #3

Add the water and shake to combine.

Step #4

Spray fabrics and linens lightly to remove odors.  Let air dry.  Shake before using.

I use this homemade odor eliminator spray recipe on my couch, chairs, curtains, and throw pillows.  Always test fabrics before using.

Don't want to make a DIY fabric and linen spray recipe?  

Try one of these natural fabric sprays:

fabric spray, diy, linen spray, odor eliminator
Yield: 1 cup
Author: Cari @ Koti Beth
Estimated cost: $5

Fabric and Linen Spray Recipe

prep time: 5 Mperform time: 10 Mtotal time: 15 M
Homemade fabric and linen spray recipe to freshen couches, chairs, pillows, and curtains.


  • 1/2 cup high proof vodka
  • 1/2 cup distilled water
  • 50 drops essential oils (I use BO Be Gone)



  1. Pour the vodka into a spray bottle.
  2. Add essential oils and shake to combine.
  3. Add the water and shake to combine.
  4. Spray fabrics and linens lightly to remove odors. Let air dry. Shake before using.
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How to remove odors from furniture, fabric, and linen naturally.  Get several natural DIYs to make for your couch, sofa, curtains, pillows, and even carpet. Get rid of house smells with odor eliminator natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, vodka, and essential oils. Plus how to make a homemade Fabreeze spray furniture spray with essenital oils and vodka to remove odors naturally with a linen spray. #odoreliminator #recipe #diy #linenspray