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Friday, April 17, 2020

29 No Prep STEM Activities for Kids at Home

Engage your kids with these 29 no prep STEM activities for kids at home.  This list is separated for preschool and early elementary, middle school, and high school.  Use this for homeschool or to supplement what they learn at school.

One of the best parts of homeschooling is being able to do fun activities.  I wish I were organized enough to get supplies to make big science experiments at home, but I am not always that organized.  I like these no prep STEM activities for kids at home.

Since most of you have been thrust into homeschooling with no prep, I thought you might enjoy them too.  Homeschooling younger kids shouldn't be spending hours at a desk or table working.  It should include fun hands on activities so kids can see science and math in action.

29 No Prep STEM Activities for Kids at Home

No Prep STEM Activities for Preschool Early Elementary

This baking soda and vinegar reaction is a fun science experiment for kids.  Younger kids will love to see the explosion of two common household ingredients.

Fun and easy science challenges you can do with just your body! These will wow your kids.

Can you clean pennies with ketchup? Find out with this fun and simple experiment!

Today we are sharing a fantastic STEM activity which is perfect for teaching young children, Nursery and preschool-aged about the solar system and galaxy. This fantastic galaxy jar tutorial is fun and easy to make and one the little ones will really enjoy.

Make a spooky expanding ghost experiment to get little ones excited to learn about science.

Learn what happens when soap mixes with milk, and why.

With just toys, simple tools, and water, kids can start to explore the scientific process.

How to make kinetic sand for a science activity and sensory play.

Make play dough soap to encourgage kids to wash their hands.  They can help make the dough, play with it, and use it as soap.

This shaving cream rain clouds activity is a fun and easy way to teach children how it rains. Kids will love the magical wow factor and YOU’LL love the easy prep!

Younger kids will love coloring, cutting out, and playing with these printable straw rockets.

Make sand foam with your kids.  They will love making the sand and playing with it for sensory play.

No Prep STEM Activities for Middle School

Show kids how paperclips can fly with the magic of magnetism with this easy and fun lab with items you have at home!Learn about the weather and build your own barometer.

Learn the science behind how mummies are made and make your own egg mummy!

Encourage creative free play with this LEGO build challenge printable.

Create the water cycle with LEGO bricks.

Looking for a good STEM activity? Consider Wacky Cake a great opportunity to demonstrate the power of baking soda and vinegar outside a volcano! (Whoohoo kitchen science!)

Create a tornado in a bottle to learn about dangerous weather safely.

Create a battering ram and water wheel like they did in medieval Europe.

Challenge kids with a series of newspaper engineering tasks with easy to find materials.

Kids of any age can make this paper hexagon kaleidoscope, but younger kids will need more help.

Help kids learn about engineering by having them build structures with jelly beans.

Learn about ancient Greek architecture by building with paper cups and cookie sheets.

This is a simple inertia experiment that kids can make on their own.

Kids can make their own hydraulic elevator.

No Prep STEM Activities for High School

While this may not be fun, it is practical for their future.  Learn which window covers are the most energy efficient.

Skip the camp fire and make s’mores with using solar energy! Solar oven s’mores is a fun craft/activity for the whole family.

Older kids can work together or in teams to make a lander to land two marshmallow aliens inside a cup.

Learn engineering by building with index cards.

How to make a smart phone projector.

I hope your kids like these no prep STEM activities for kids at home!

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29 Easy low prep or no prep stem activities for kids. This has science experiments with kids for homeschool, preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school separated by age. Inclues at home for kids activities with LEGO, weather, engineering, and more.  Science experiments kids easy at home for kids. #stem #science #kids #homeschool