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Peppermint Bark Recipe Easy With Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate

Learn how to make a peppermint bark recipe easy with dark chocolate and white chocolate.  This quick candy recipe is sure to be a hit at your next party.  It also makes a delicious homemade gift for friends, family, teachers, or coworkers. I never used to be a fan of white chocolate.  The first time I had it was in a candy bar, and I just didn't care for it.  So I didn't eat it again for several years. Then I got a kit for a peppermint bark with white chocolate and peppermint pieces.  I made it for a party figuring the guests would like it and I wouldn't have to waste the kit. Then I tried a piece.  Angels started singing.  And I was converted.   Now peppermint bark with dark chocolate and white chocolate or just white chocolate is my favorite holiday treat.   I'm especially obsessed with white chocolate in hot drinks too.  I love it with pumpkin in the fall.  In the winter, I use white chocolate peppermint coffee creamer.   If you're looking for a peppermint bark r

Magical Unicorn Hot Chocolate Stirrers Recipe

How to make magical unicorn hot chocolate stirrers.  These hot chocolate sticks are like a hot chocolate bomb, but they are easier to make without a special mold.  They have fun unicorn colors and have mini marshmallows hidden inside. I have a teenaged daughter, so naturally we are a little unicorn obsessed here.  She loves unicorn anything, and the more glitter is has the better. The unicorn obsession isn't just limited to her; I've been known to enjoy some of the magic of unicorns.  When I found unicorn sprinkles, she first thought of cupcakes.  My first thought was a magical unicorn hot chocolate stirrers recipe. These unicorn hot chocolate sticks are similar to the hot chocolate bombs that are all over Tiktok and Instagram.  But they are a lot easier to make.   You don't need a special mold to make these magical unicorn hot chocolate stirrers.  I used a small paper cup instead of a mold!   You just need three ingredients plus the adorable unicorn sprinkles to make these

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Decoration DIY

 How to  make an easy embroidery hoop Christmas decoration DIY.  This is an easy Dollar Tree Christmas craft that only takes a few minutes to make.  It would be a cute gift idea, and you can customize it for different seasons. I decided that I was sick of my Christmas decorations this year.  While I wish I could just run to the store and buy all new decorations, but alas my budget doesn't allow it.   I have Balsam Hill tastes on a Dollar Tree budget unfortunately. Luckily, I have a glue gun and have been blessed with some creative skills. It was time for a Dollar Tree run for some new holiday decor.  My Dollar Tree is conveniently located next to a charity thrift store. Between the two, I knew that I could get some new farmhouse Christmas decor DIY ideas.

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Ornament DIY With Bottle Brush Trees

How to make a Dollar Tree farmhouse ornament.  This is an easy and inexpensive DIY for a homemade ornament for your Christmas tree.  You can also use these on a wreath or as a wall hanging. I have a farmhouse.  A real honest to goodness farmhouse.  So of course I am thrilled that the farmhouse look is in style. Of course, a real farmhouse is a bit different than the farmhouses on the TV shows.  For one, real farmhouses don't have kitchens like that. You're lucky to be able to turn around in a real farmhouse kitchen. Secondly, a real farmhouse probably only has one bathroom that was an afterthought. But I digress.  My house has character, that's for sure.   Whether you have an actual farmhouse or just like the farmhouse look, this Dollar Tree farmhouse ornament DIY will look adorable on your tree.  

Grinch Hot Chocolate Sticks Recipe

 How to make Grinch hot chocolate sticks.  Hot chocolate sticks are similar to hot chocolate bombs, but they are easier to make without a special mold.  With just three ingredients plus sprinkles, you can make these adorable Grinch themed hot cocoa stirrers.   By now, you've seen hot chocolate bombs all over Tiktok and Instagram Reels.  They are super fun to use, but they admittedly aren't super fun to make.   They aren't extremely difficult to make, but you do need a special mold.  The mold has been sold out in craft stores for months, so I came up with an alternative. Enter the Grinch hot chocolate sticks.  These are so fun and easy to make, and you don't need a special mold.  In fact, I used Dixie cups for mine!   These hot chocolate stirrers are perfect for parties or kids.  Just get a mug of warm milk and stir with this hot chocolate stick for a delicious cup of Grinch green hot cocoa.

How to Make Christmas Wax Melts With Essential Oils

 Scent your home naturally this holiday season with these easy to make Christmas wax melts with essential oils.  I used a holiday set of essential oils and natural favor oils to scent my wax melts with.  These make great gifts, or use them at home for a festive smell. I 'v e always been a huge fan of wax melts and candles.  I started making candles and wax melts over fifteen years ago before I moved to DIY bath and body products. I used to burn candles all the time, but then my cat stepped in one and wax got everywhere.  Luie was fine from the candle, but I'm pretty sure the bath afterwards scarred him for life.   I know it scarred me for life.  Literally.  He sliced my hand pretty good that night. That's when I started making wax melts.  I like them better because I can turn them off an on without worrying about the wick tunneling.   They are also a lot easier to make since you don't have to worry about wick size and testing so much. This Christmas, I wanted to make so

How to Make Hot Chocolate Sticks Recipe

 How to make hot chocolate sticks.  These are similar to hot chocolate bombs, but they are easier to make.  You can make several different flavors, so everyone can enjoy their favorite flavor.  These are perfect for parties, and they make great Christmas gifts. I'm sure you've all see hot chocolate bombs on Tiktok or Instagram Reels by now.  They are very fun and very cute, but they are kind of a pain to make. And you'll need a special mold.  A mold that you'll likely never use again. Learn how to make hot chocolate sticks, which are similar to hot cocoa bombs, but they are a lot easier to make. These are very fun for parties because each person can grab their own hot cocoa sick and make their own mug of delicious hot cocoa.  Plus there's a handy stick there for stirring.  No extra mess! We are going to learn how to make milk chocolate hot chocolate sticks with this recipe and learn how to customize them with different flavors.   Check back in a few days for a white