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How to Make Farmhouse Style Coasters With Dollar Tree Mini Pallets

Learn how to make farmhouse style coasters.  These Dollar Tree mini pallet craft ideas  will help you get the farmhouse look in your home for less money.   We splurged on a farmhouse table a few years ago. There are five of us, so we figured with spouses there be 8 of us at the table.  So we got a 10 seater.   It fits in our long dining room and looks amazing.  I really do love it.  Since I work from home and the kids homeschool, it's used as a desk all day long. This table was an investment.  I'm hoping to have this for the rest of my life.  I am very strict about not having any drinks on the table without a coaster. I had some coasters, but I wanted to make some pretty farmhouse coasters DIY since I like to have my table decorated in a farmhouse theme. I saw these mini pallets at Dollar Tree and knew they would be adorable Dollar Tree coasters.  I just love how they turned out!  These farmhouse style coasters match my farmhouse table well.

Instant Pot Iced Tea Recipe

This Instant Pot iced tea recipe is easy to make.  You can turn on your Instant Pot and walk away with the tea brews.  The tea isn't bitter, so I prefer the taste.  You can make sweet or unsweet iced tea in Instant Pot if you prefer. Summer just wasn't summer without my grandmother's iced tea.  She would make a gallon of sweet tea almost every day, so there was always a pitcher in the fridge  When I moved out on my own, I called her for the recipe. For one gallon, she used 14 tea bags and 3 cups of sugar.  Needless to say, it was strong and sweet.  My husband loves real sweet tea, but he doesn't like bitter tea. I've heard of the baking soda trick, but he hated it.  Yes, he could taste a quarter of a teaspoon in a gallon of tea.  He wouldn't drink my tea for about three years after I tried that. I normally make sun tea just because it's easy and low maintenance.  It's not sweet though, and it tastes bitter.   I've made infused water concentrate

How to make Strawberry Fruit Leather Recipe (Oven or Dehydrator Directions)

  How to make strawberry fruit leather in dehydrator or in the oven. This is an easy recipe that your family will love. Make homemade strawberry fruit leather to preserve this summer fruit. When my kids were little, they loved Fruit Roll Ups. They were a sometimes treat that I usually reserved for special events or when I really, really needed to keep them well behaved. You know, like when they are in a wedding. Yes, folks, I totally bribed my kids to behave in a wedding with fruit snacks and fruit roll ups. It cost me a few boxes, but no one lost the ring and the flower girl dispensed flower petals like a pro. Store bought fruit snacks and fruit roll ups are full of ingredients I don't want my family eating. They have corn syrup, palm oil, carrageenan, and food dyes, among other things. My kids really loved them, so I learned how to make strawberry fruit leather. I

Frozen Blueberry Dog Treats Recipe

Learn how to make a homemade frozen dog treats recipe.  These probiotic dog treats are made with either yogurt or kefir to add nutrition to your dog's yet.  This is a very easy two ingredient recipe that your dog will love in the heat of the summer. I have two dogs.  Nacho is my chihuahua, and he's a grumpy old man.  He's always shivering, even in the middle of summer. Dolphie is a rottie mix.  That boy is always hot.  In the middle of winter while Nacho is under a blanket, Dolphie is on the tile floor panting. Nacho will eat this frozen dog treat recipe, but Dolphie really loves these homemade probiotic dog treats.   He gobbles frozen yogurt dog treats up year round, but I usually make homemade frozen dog treats recipe in the summer when he can enjoy them outside. This is a very easy recipe for frozen dog treats.  There are only two ingredients, and you can make a big batch and freeze them for later.

Chia Seed Jam Recipe With Any Fruit

Learn how to make jam without pectin.  You can make chia seed jam with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, or nearly any fruit.  This is a quick recipe that's very easy to make, and it's made without pectin or any additional sweetener.  Even if you are a new to making jams or jellies, you can make this simple fruit or strawberry chia jam. I have two teen boys, so we go through a lot of jelly to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  My 15-year-old is tall and lanky, and he can put away four sandwiches in one sitting.  I seriously don't know where he puts it. I've been making jams and jellies for years now.  When the kids were little, store bought jams and jellies had high fructose corn syrup and sometimes even food dyes in them.  We don't do HFCS or dyes, so I started making my own. Homemade jams and jellies just taste better.  They taste fresher, and I can make them with less sugar once I learned how to make jam without pectin.   I was making them with a lo

How to Make a DIY Bee Feeder With a Mason Jar

 Learn how to make a DIY bee feeder.  Use this mason jar bee feeder to supplement your bees with extra food when their natural food may be scarce.  This is an easy DIY, and you can upcycle the jar.  Older kids can help learn how to make a bee feeder so they can learn more about bees. We believe in letting nature do its thing.  After all, bees, birds, and critters have survived for 1000s of years without human intervention. However, there are times that we need to step in.  We've nursed animals back to health and provided shelter or food for animals when they need it. This honey bee feeder DIY is a supplement.  The bees are essential to our ecosystem, and they help us grow food.  So in turn, I want to help them.   This honey bee feeder DIY can supplement food for bees during certain conditions.  While it shouldn't be used all the time, it will help bees get a food source when there might not be one available.

How to Make Dandelion Jelly Recipe

Learn how to make dandelion jelly recipe.  This dandelion jelly canning recipe is easy to make with fresh or dried dandelions, and you can enjoy the taste of summer and sunshine all year round.   I remember my grandfather would freak out if there was a dandelion in his yard.  He'd grab the sprayer and that was end of the weed. Now, I love seeing the little yellow flowers.  They mean spring is finally here and summer is coming. Dandelions also make a tasty meal.  You can eat the entire flower.  People have been eating dandelion greens in salads for many generations.   I remember my grandmother making dandelion tea and dandelion jelly.  In her day, it was pretty much a necessity to make food from what you could.