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Monday, August 9, 2021

How to Dehydrate Bananas

Learn how to dehydrate bananas in an oven, air fryer, or food dehydrator.  These chewy dehydrated bananas are perfect for snacks.  You can also rehydrate them and use them in baking.  This has how to dry bananas at home with three different methods.

Have you priced dehydrated fruit in the stores?  It's crazy expensive for what it is.  I buy fruit when it's on sale and in season and dry it for later.

Dehydrated bananas are a great snack.  They are chewy and sweet, and kids love them.  I'd rather my kids grabbed dried bananas than candy!

I use my food dehydrator to learn how to make dry bananas, but I also have directions to use your oven or an air fryer.

How to Make Banana Chips

 I prefer to use a food dehydrator.  If you want to preserve your own harvest or take advantage of sales, then I highly recommend using a dehydrator.  It uses less electricity than an oven, and it doesn't heat up the house.

I actually have three dehydrators.  I have a really old one that is a workhorse, but it's hard to find.  I have a cheap one from Aldi that I use for herbs mainly.  It doesn't have a fan, so it's slow to use.

I invested in a Nesco dehydrator last summer.  I like that it has several different trays.  It works really well and gives me consistent results.  

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Dehydrated foods are a great way to boost your food stockpile.

How Ripe Should Bananas Be For Dehydrating

The ripeness of your bananas is key when learning how to make dry bananas. 

Typically, your bananas should be ripe enough to eat on their own but not too ripe. They should be firm and shouldn’t have any markings or blemishes on them. 

How Do You Keep Bananas From Turning Brown When Dehydrated

When you first start learning how to dehydrate bananas this question might seem odd but it is important.

To keep bananas from turning brown you will need to soak them in acidulated water. This is especially important if you plan on storing the banana chips for long periods of time.

Do You Need To Soak Bananas In Lemon Juice Before Dehydrating?

While not always required, it is highly recommended that you soak bananas in acidulated water before dehydrating them. Acidulated water is water with a splash of lemon juice. 

However, lemon juice is not the only liquid that you can use, as fruit juice will also work. When learning how to dehydrate banana chips, they can brown during the process. Soaking them prevents this from happening.

Are Dried Banana Chips Healthy?

Many store bought banana chips have extra ingredients that make them less healthy. However, if you are making homemade banana chips then they can be a much healthier alternative to many other snacks.

 Dried banana chips are a good source of potassium and fiber when prepared without additives. This is a good reason to learn how to dehydrate banana chips so you can enjoy healthy dried bananas at any time!

Are Dehydrated Bananas Supposed To Be Chewy?

Chewy dehydrated bananas can be perfectly fine so long as you enjoy them! If you prefer crispy banana chips then they will need to dehydrate longer.

 Whether you should make chewy dehydrated bananas versus crisp chips is all up to personal preference.

How Do You Keep Bananas From Sticking When Dehydrated?

When learning how to make dry bananas, having the chips stick to the dehydrator can be frustrating. 

 There are a few ways to keep bananas from sticking during the dehydration process. The easiest way is to flip the chips over every hour. Further, ensure that the chips are about a half inch thick before you dehydrate them.

 You can also use natural non-stick parchment paper to keep the banana chips from sticking. Of course, you could always use cooking spray, but I do not recommend this. 

What Happens If You Dehydrate Food Too Long? 

There is some debate as to if it is even possible to dehydrate food for too long. What is important is what consistency and texture you want your food to be. If you are wondering how long to dehydrate bananas, it will depend on a variety of factors.

When you first learn how to make banana chips you will want to decide what texture you want first. If you like crisp chips you won’t have to worry as much about over dehydrating. 

It can be easy to over dry or under dry bananas when you learn how to dry bananas at home. The key here is patience, and be sure to check the progress of your bananas often.

How Do You Soften Dried Banana Chips?

To soften dehydrated banana chips, simply allow them to soak in warm water for up to fifteen minutes. Like dehydrating in the first place, you should soak the bananas until they reach the desired texture.

How Do I Dehydrate Bananas Without A Dehydrator

There are several methods you can utilize to dehydrate bananas without a dehydrator. There are ways to dehydrate bananas using an air fryer or an oven. 

However, using a food dehydrator is the simplest way to make delicious dried bananas.  Learn more about how to dehydrate fruit in an air fryer.

How Do You Make Banana Chips Crispy In A Dehydrator?

When using a dehydrator, simply allow the banana chips more time than usual to get the extra crisp. In addition, make sure they are firm before dehydrating them. As previously mentioned they should be ripe but not too ripe before dehydrating. 

As previously mentioned, when you first start to learn how to dry bananas at home you will want to decide on what texture you prefer first.

How Long Will Dehydrated Bananas Last

When properly stored dehydrated bananas will last anywhere from six to twelve months.

Should I Refrigerate Banana Chips?

Refrigerating banana chips is not required but it is recommended if you leave in a hot and humid environment. 

Banana chips should be stored in a sealed container in a cool dry place. 

How To Dehydrate Bananas Step By Step

Now it is time to dehydrate your bananas. Dehydrated bananas make for a wonderful snack and the dehydration process is super simple!  

Following is a comprehensive guide to help you learn how to dehydrate bananas and make perfect dried banana chips.

Always remember that dehydrating food is typically a long process. As far as how long to dehydrate bananas, that will ultimately depend on the thickness of the chip and the method that you are using.

How To Prepare Bananas To Dry

To start, take your ripe bananas and slice them into inch thick chips. From there, prepare your acidulated water, or a bowl of water with a tablespoon of fruit or lemon juice.  

Soak the chips in the water for about fifteen minutes and lay them on a sheet and blot dry. 

How To Dehydrate Bananas In A Dehydrator

Once the banana chips are dry, place them in the dehydrator and set the temperature at 135 degrees F. Let them dehydrate for about ten hours and flip them over every hour or so. 

How To Dehydrate Bananas In An Oven

Follow the same steps for pre-treating and then set your oven to 140 degrees F. You can cut your banana chips a little bit thinner when using an oven as well. 

Lay out baking trays and line them with parchment paper before placing your banana slices onto them. Place in the oven and allow them to dehydrate. This could take anywhere from six to twelve hours, so it is important that you check and flip them periodically. 

How To Dehydrate Bananas In An Air Fryer

Using an air fryer is very similar to using an oven. Pretreat the bananas and preheat your air fryer to 130 degrees F. You can use a small amount of oil to keep the banana chips from sticking to the oven.  

Allow the bananas to dehydrate for about three hours before removing them from heat. 

Learning how to dehydrate bananas is a fun process and yields a tasty snack at the end. Dehydrated bananas are great as a snack or side for many occasions. Plus, their long shelf life makes it easy to make an abundance and store them for future use. 

How to dehydrate bananas was originally posted at Homesteading in Ohio.

How to Dehydrate Bananas

How to Dehydrate Bananas

Cari @ Koti Beth
Prep time
5 Min
Cook time
15 Min
Inactive time
10 Hour
Total time
10 H & 20 M
How to make chewy dehydrated bananas in a dehydrator, in the oven, or in an air fryer.


  • 7 bananas 
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 cup water


  1. Slice the bananas into 1/4 inch slices.  
  2. Combine lemon juice and water.  Let banana slices soak for 15 minutes and then remove from water and let dry on a clean towel.
  3. Spread banana slices in a food dehydrator.  Then dry at 135 degrees for 10 hours.  You can also use an oven at 140 degrees for 6 to 12 hours or use an air fryer at 130 degrees for about 3 hours.  


Watch the banana chips carefully as they dry. The times can be off due to fluctuations and other variables.

Nutrition Facts



Fat (grams)


Sat. Fat (grams)


Carbs (grams)


Fiber (grams)


Net carbs


Sugar (grams)


Protein (grams)


Sodium (milligrams)


Cholesterol (grams)


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