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Key Tag svg file

23 October

For a tutorial on how to fuse plastic bags, head on over to Etsy and watch the video. It's super easy and who doesn't have hundreds of plastic bags lying around, right?

I ran them through my Cricut to see if it would cut it and it cut great! I can't remember what settings but I almost always start with blade 3, pressure medium to start and adjust from there. If I remember correctly, I kept it at 3/3 but you might need to play.

My hubby needed some key tags to mark keys for the storage box so I grabbed my new fused plastic and cut them out of there. A regular pen will smudge but a Sharpie wrote on them great. The plastic is thin and flexible but very strong.

This file is for personal use only. Please don't share my file, but you may send the link to this site. It can not be used for any commercial reasons without prior consent.


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  1. Your key tag is amazing and such a useful item. Thanks for sharing the file and all the info with us. It's so appreciated.
    I think I may try to make some luggage tags, too.
    Big Hugs!


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