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Keep Calm and Bake On Cupcake Kitchenaid Mixer Decal Free SVG File

I've been wanting to decorate my Kitchenaid mixer for years, and I finally found the perfect thing!  I know they are insanely popular, but I like the Keep Calm posters.  I made this one with with a free font that you can find here .  The cupcake was one that I made years ago for my Etsy shop. If you want to make this Kitchenaid Mixer decal, you can download the free SVG file here .   This file is free for personal use only.  Do not share this file or post it on any Facebook, Yahoo, or other groups.  You may post the link to my blog so your friend can download it from this page.   I recommend using indoor vinyl because you can remove it.  Your Kitchenaid should last many, many years, and you may not want the same design in 10 years! This was originally posted on Instagram .  Follow me for more DIY, crafts, and whatever else I think is fun! Happy crafting!

Monogram Mason Jar Tumbler with Leopard Print

This is my newest tumbler that I made yesterday.  It's a plastic mason jar tumbler, and I was so excited to find it in my local store!  This was a very easy project to do with my Silhouette Cameo and some vinyl.  The Cameo cuts vinyl beautifully!  If you want to cut vinyl, I highly recommend the Cameo ! I don't have a SVG or studio file to share, but you can very easily make this yourself from free files. The font is called Monogram KK .  Free for personal use only.   The leopard print is from SVGCuts , and it is also free for personal use only.  I didn't want to mess with transfer tape, so I just deleted the solid square and resized the spots to 6" square.  I just placed the larger pieces first randomly, then the medium sized pieces, and finally the small pieces.  I put a few on the lid just because I had enough.  I had just enough to cover the cup.   I used indoor vinyl , but you could also use outdoor vinyl .   Happy crafting!