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How to Save Money On Flea Drops Like Frontline For Dogs

The only good thing that winter brought last year was the end of flea season.  Now that the ground has thawed, the fleas are back with a vengeance.  We have two dogs and three cats, so monthly flea drops like can expensive!  Fortunately, I found a cheaper alternative for this year. I know what you are thinking: Why do you have so many pets if you can't afford them?   I can afford to give all of them brand name flea drops, but I also love to save money--especially when I can get the same quality item for less.  Secondly, all of my critters are rescues.  We've rehomed several critters over the years, but these five found a special place in our hearts.  We didn't go looking for any of them. Before I tell you how I saved money on flea drops this year, I want to say that I am not a vet.  Talk to your vet about any medications before you administer them to your pets. That said, I found a generic flea drop called PetArmor .  It has the same active ingredient as Frontline