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20 Patriotic Projects for 4th of July

We moved to a new home last year, and we were pleasantly surprised that we could see the town's fireworks so well!  They have the best fireworks around and draw people from several counties.  Unfortunately, traffic is just insane.  But we can sit outside and watch the fireworks at home! This also means that it is time for a party!  I've never had a Fourth of July party, so I needed some ideas to decorate and great food ideas.  I posted the red, white, and blue Jello dessert last year, and my blogging buddy Michelle from Shelstring made this round up.   I hope you find some inspiration for your home this year! To start out, how about an example of an inviting front porch all decked out in our nations colors ? Go check out Our Family Inspired Home for the details Here is the ultimate stars and bunting banner to give an instantly festive look to any space. See how Karen put it all together at Dragonfly and Lily Pads Going to be doing some grill

Water Bottle Volunteer Thank You Gifts Free SVG File

If you need a thank you gift for volunteers, these water bottle drink packet holders are really cute!  They are easy to make, and I used scrap paper to make all of them.  These were for vacation bible school volunteers, so I used animal print paper because it fit our theme.  You could use any colors or patterns that you'd like.  You can also put anything you want on the front or use a different patterned paper. First cut out the SVG file or SCUT file with your Silhouette Cameo or Cricut (links at bottom of post).  I made a scalloped circle on the top so it will fit most water bottles. To fold the cardstock, you'll fold at the 2" mark at the top and bottom. After you make your first fold, flip it over and fold the other side.  When you're done, it will look like this: Then cut out the patterned paper. I cut 3" x 3" squares.  Glue this to the front of the drink packet holder, which would to the left side in the above photo.  I used a glue sti

Weird Animals VBS Decorating

This year, I am on the VBS committee.  It's been a lot of planning and creating, but I think that we are ready for it to start tonight! We picked the Weird Animals kit from Group.  We picked it for several reasons:  We loved the theme of the group.  I think it's important message that kids need to hear.  It was easy to decorate with all kinds of animals.  It's fun! Here are some of the decorations that we came up with.  At prom, the school lined most of the gym floor with blue plastic, so we got that for free (alone with the glitter and sand!).  I used my Silhouette Cameo to die cut a lot of things, and we got the rest from Oriental Trading. This is the front entrance of the church.  This is what the kids see as they first walk in.  We made the waterfall with a photography backdrop stand.  It holds up to 3 bars, so we used dark blue in the back and three shades of blue cut in strips in front of it.  We wrapped the stand with newsprint and made rocks with pillows w

Book Review Dear Mr. Knightley: A Novel by Katherine Reay

My kids love the summer reading program at our local library.  Each summer, they have to read 10 books in a genre to earn a small prize.  Plus they get coupons for the local ice cream place or a small bag of local chips for reading 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 books.  It really motivates my kids to read more!  I'm an avid reader, so I love seeing the three of them engrossed in a book.  I have literally moved furniture with them on it after a trip to the library and they were too busy reading to notice. I don't normally join the adult program, but this year I did to set a good example.  I swore that I would hate reading on the Kindle , but I love it.  The problem is that my kids only see me on my Kindle, and they don't see me with an actual book.  Every time they ask what I am doing, I say I'm reading and they act surprised.  So this summer, they will see me read real books. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan, so I had to read this book.  Most books based on Austen try to e

15 Great Recipes for Your Next Potluck

We recently moved to a new area, and I've never been to so many potluck dinners since we moved.  This is a rural area with so many friendly people.  When anyone gets together, they invite everyone they know and have a meal.  If you are ever invited to a Mennonite potluck dinner, cancel all of your plans and go!  You'll never eat so much delicious food in all of your life!  Once a year, our church holds service at the church camp with a potluck following the service.  It's no coincidence that this service has the highest membership numbers of the summer, if you know what I'm saying. I never know what to take.  Do I take a side dish?  Dessert?  I usually end up with cookies.  While no one complains, I want to take something that is a little more impressive. Here are some great recipe ideas for your next potluck dinner! Finger Foods Ranch Ham and Cheese Roll Ups - These are easy to customize.  Make with your favorite meat and cheese. Mango Salsa - Take na