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Santa's Beard Wreath

Thanksgiving is over, so I can finally post my Santa's beard wreath!  Miss Koti Beth and I watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix while we made our wreaths.  She made a smaller version with a 12" ring and Christmas ribbon that she hung in her room. I made this with tulle so I could try one of the popular tulle wreaths.  This would be really cute on a 12" foam ring too.  The hat fit the smaller wreath really great, but I wanted a bigger wreath because I have a big blank wall that needs filled when I take down my fall owl wreath .  Yes, my wreaths hang inside since no one will see them outside because we live so far from the road. Since I have a wreath up, now I better get the rest of my decorations out and my tree up! How to Make a Santa Beard Wreath with Tulle What You Need Wreath White tulle (I used about half of a 25 yard roll) Red ribbon or  yarn Santa hat Directions Since I used a straw wreath, I first wrapped it with plastic wrap to keep everything

Cubby Turned Shoe Holder + How to Make Chalk Paint

I have three kids, so we should have five to ten pairs of shoes, right?  Not even close.  I bet we have more like 20 to 30 pairs around here.  We all have tennis shoes for every day, old tennis shoes for chores, dress shoes for church, mucking boots for working in the barn and mud, and winter boots.  My daughter also has cowgirl boots (not shown because she wears them every single day) and I have cute boots.  My husband also has several pairs of work boots depending on what he's working on. You can image what my entry way looked like!  To make matters worse, my back door -- the door everyone uses -- is in my dining room.  People walked in and there were shoes and boots strung from one end of the room to the other end. Oh, we tried telling them to keep their shoes on the rug.  We tried a hanging shoe organizer behind the closet door, which is across the room.  You can guess how that worked out.  I was done with the shoe pile, so I turned this old cubby in to a shoe organizer.  I