Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Save Money On Almost Anything

This post is brought to you by Groupon.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own.

I'm frugal.  I don't like paying full price for anything.  Before I buy something, I always look for a coupon to use in the store or online.  My husband always stares at me while I search on my iPhone for a coupon to use before we pay!  He teases me, but he definitely doesn't complain when the price drops dramatically after I use my coupons.  When I'm looking for coupons, I like to use sites like Groupon Coupons because they find all of the good deals, and I just have to search for them.

How to Save Money On Almost Anything

I've used Groupon before to save on tickets and other events, and now I use their Coupons section too.  Some of their coupons are for in store use, and some are for online only.  Some stores will even let you combine coupons for even better deals.  Some stores will let me show the coupon on my phone without printing it, but be sure to ask your favorite stores for their policies.

Most people think of using coupons for department stores and food, but you can also save on routine purchases for your home and vehicle.

One thing that I love about using Groupon Coupons is that I don't have to subscribe to several lists to get the deals, and I can find them so easily.  

What's the most you've saved with a coupon?
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Introduction to Roto-Rooter Home Products

This post in sponsored by Roto-Rooter, but all enthusiasm is my own.  

I live in an old farmhouse, and I have kids.  You better believe we deal with some clogs.  One time I found straw, leaves, and grass in my bathtub after the kids washed off something inside instead of at the hose outside.   I also have insanely thick hair, and it constantly clogs the drain.  Compounding the problem, we have a septic system, so I have to use products that are safe for septic systems.  When Roto-Rooter asked me to be a brand ambassador for them this year, I knew it would be a great fit for my lifestyle and my home.  This is a product that we use, so it was natural to share it with my readers.

You probably think of a plumbing service when you think of Roto-Rooter, but they have new home products.  Not every plumbing situation needs a plumber, and you can save a lot of money by trying to unclog your sinks or bathtubs by yourself.  If Roto-Rooter clog remover, doesn't remove the clog, Roto-Rooter will take 10% off of your service call if you show the repairman your empty bottle.

We rarely get the clogs that completely block the drain.  Oh no.  We get those slow clogs, where the sink fills up while you're using it but empties within a few minutes.  These clogs are the worst in my experiences because most drain cleaners just slide past the clog, which means you are literally dumping your money down the drain.  Roto-Rooter has a gel formula with the most active ingredients versus other brands and the right viscosity to move to the source of the clog and break it up, so it works better on our clogged drains.

Roto-Rooter Clog Removers remove grease, soap scum, and hair, so you can use them in the bathroom and in the kitchen.  They are safe for septic systems too, which is really important to us.  Roto-Rooter also has a septic treatment, so be sure to look for that if you have a septic system.

Since I'm a brand ambassador for Roto-Rooter for 2016, I'll be giving you some tips on some basic plumbing fixes and routine maintenance that you can do yourself, so keep checking back to learn more.

You can find Roto-Rooter at Lowe's, Walmart, Menards, meijer, Dollar General, and Tractor Supply Company.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Non Toxic Sticker Remover

When I'm crafting, I have to remove a lot of stickers, especially when I upcycle something.  I use a hair dryer if I can't get the item wet, but that can leave some residue.  I can't use commercial sticker removers because most of them use orange essential oil, which gives me a migraine.  I also prefer to use nontoxic cleaners in my home.  This also has two ingredients in it that I use all the time, so I always have the ingredients.  I started to make a craft for my son, but I had to take the label off of the bottle first.  I decided to share that with all of my wonderful readers,

Non Toxic Sticker Remover

Before using this non toxic sticker remover, it's important to remove as much of the sticker as you can.  Ideally, you'll be able to remove all of it except the residue, but this will also cut through the actual sticker.  

Use a spoon to get about a teaspoon of coconut oil and spread over the sticker residue.  You can also use vegetable oil or olive oil, but I think coconut oil is easier to work with because it's not as "oily" and because it's solid at room temperature and doesn't run all over your bottle.  Simply spread the oil all over the residue and use your finger or a washcloth to remove the residue.  Sometimes this is all that you need to get the glue off.

If it doesn't get removed with just the oil, then add a pinch of baking soda to the oil and scrub it off with that.  The residue just melts off with the baking soda and coconut oil.

Once the glue is all gone, rinse well.  You can use a drop of dish soap if it's oily.  Rinse well and let dry.

Obviously, this is only for things that can get wet.  You can also mix the coconut oil and baking soda together and store in a mason jar, but I've found that this works just as well and doesn't take up any extra room in my cupboard.

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