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How to Increase Your Chances of Quitting Smoking

This post is intended for an audience of adults age 18 and older. This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #QuitWithSupport #CollectiveBias My husband smokes.  He has never tried to end his addiction with tobacco, but he thinks that he is ready now.  As he's getting older, he can see the effect that it's having on his health.  We have three kids, and he wants to be around to watch them grow up, get married, and start their own families someday.   Ending the addiction to cigarettes won't be easy for him, but I'm ready to support him.  I'm a planner and researcher, so I started looking for ways to help him be successful.  He doesn't have to quit smoking alone; there are ways for him to get support.

It's My Thing: Fruit Shoot and Martial Arts

While most parents are at the soccer field or at the baseball field, we are at a dojo.  Even though our sport lasts all year, we do enjoy the comfort of a climate controlled building at which to watch our children in their sport.  Between our three kids, two take karate and all three take ju jitsu.  My husband and I both take tai chi, so I guess we are a martial arts family.  It's our thing. I love having my kids in martial arts because it's great exercise.  They are also learning self-discipline and pushing themselves to do their best.  They do compete sometimes, but it's mostly a competition against themselves, and they have to push themselves to do their best to earn their next rank.  My two kids in karate have already moved up two belts and a few stripes and one belt in ju jitsu. None of their friends take martial arts, so it's kind of their thing.  They like doing something different, especially my daughter.   They love martial arts because they are

Autism Awareness Gift Guide

April is autism awareness month.  For my family, every month is autism awareness month.  We raise autism awareness where ever we go!  Even with so called professionals.  Being an autism mom can be overwhelming, but every time I meet another autism mom, I feel like there's an instant connection and we both breathe a little easier knowing we aren't alone.  I spent many years feeling like we were the only ones dealing with autism, so now I do my best to help other families.  I've been hosting a monthly support group for parents of children with autism to try to reach members of the community.  I also work closely with several non profit agencies in my county to get the word out about autism and what help is available.  That's why I proudly wear my autism awareness shirts and jewelry.  My car isn't decorated yet, but it's definitely on my to do list!  Here are some au-some autism awareness items for April and every month. Autism Awareness T-shirt Captain Auti

Best Beauty and the Beast Toys for Kids and Adults

Can I just say how excited I am for the new Beauty and the Beast movie?  The original Disney classic was one of my favorite movies growing up, and it's hands down my favorite Disney movie.  My daughter and I are so excited to see the movie when it comes out next month.   I've seen some clips, and they just keep the excitement building. When I was little, I identified with Belle because she always had a book in her hand and she's independent.  She's also a brunette like I am.  Back then, there weren't nearly as many fun Beauty and the Beast toys for me to play with.  My daughter is so lucky because there are so many fun toys now.  We spent a good half an hour just looking at the new toys at the store the other day.  Of course, she wants them all!  Here are my top 20 picks for Beauty and the Beast toys for kids and adults.  I included some cute tops and jewelry for the moms too, but there's nothing stopping us from playing with the other toys with our daughter

A Guide to Borax and How to Use It

Borax is one of those products that I always have on hand because it has so many uses.  Borax is also known as sodium tetraborate.  It's white, soft crystals and dissolves easily in water, making it easy to use for cleaning. I use a cup of it in my homemade laundry detergent , and I use it for cleaning.  I add a few tablespoons to my mop bucket to clean and deodorize my floors when I mop.  Whether you're new to using Borax or have been using it, I found some great recipes for you to try.  I haven't tried the dishwashing tabs, but I want to soon.  I use Borax to clean my dishwasher because it does such a great job! Source: