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How to Make Dollar Tree Personalized Elves (Without a Heat Press)

How to make Dollar Tree personalized elves without a heat press.  These elves make great gifts, or you can add them to your shop to sell. I volunteer at a nonprofit, and being a nonprofit, they always need more money.  Since I have a Silhouette die cutter and a heat press, I make shirts and other things for them to sell. Last spring, I made personalized Easter Bunnies.  This year, I added personalizes elves.  They are quick and easy to make, and they sell really well. I was trying to figure out how to make without completely squishing them in the heat press.  Then I thought...what about a flat iron? A flat iron works great! How to Make Dollar Tree Personalized Elves These make great little crafts to add to your shop or give as small gifts.  They have a great profit margin if you're selling them. I sell them for $7 for the nonprofit, but most people sell them for $6.  Considering the elf only costs $1, that's a decent markup. Dollar Tree Elves I got my e

How to Cook Perfect Instant Pot Rice

Use your Instant Pot pressure cooker to make perfect rice.  No matter which model you have, you can have perfect rice for a side dish or for dinner in about 30 minutes. I'll admit that I'm not a rice snob.  For years, I made it on the stove top by simmering water and rice for 15 minutes.  It was an easy way to cook it, but the rice was mushy. We were content with our mushy rice mostly because we didn't know any better and partly because I didn't have a rice cooker.  Most people who have a rice cooker love it, but I don't have a big kitchen.  I just can't do one function appliances unless I use it all the time. I got an Instant Pot a few years ago, and I love it.  The first time I tried rice, I knew it was a game changer.  Now it's the only way I make rice. Learn how to cook perfect Instant Pot rice for your dinners. How to Cook Perfect Instant Pot Rice I have the Instant Pot Duo 6 quart model.  The 6 quart is a great size for a family of 5.

Autism or Homeschool Printable Chore Chart Customizable

Use this autism or homeschool printable chore chart to help your kids be more independent and remember all of their chores and class work. We've been learning at home for years, but we were using an online public school.  It was no longer a good fit for us, so we moved to traditional homeschooling this year. It's been a huge stress reliever for all of us.  We were so stressed out all the time.  All we did was work on school or worry about school last year. One nice thing about the online public school is that the lessons were done and there was a daily to do list.  With our new curriculum, we go by time and not the number of lessons. I started out the year with a planner for each kid to mark down their time and for me to assign which assignments to do each day.  I quickly found out that I can't assign assignments by the week because one lesson could take 15 minutes while the next one takes an hour.

DIY Paper Bag Luminaries Halloween Free SVG Files

How to make easy DIY paper bag luminaries for Halloween.  Includes a free SVG file to make your own.  Add battery operated tea lights for a cute and fun decoration. We host a family Halloween party each year at the community center, so I get to go all out with decorating. The building has two parts, and upper and a lower level.  There's a short hall way with a ramp connecting them. We like to keep the lights low, but we need some light there for safety.  I put up strings of lights and then use luminaries to light the way. We had borrowed luminaries before, but we couldn't borrow them this year.  As a nonprofit, we don't have the budget for buying decorations.  So I made these DIY paper bag luminaries Halloween for $2. I wasn't sure how they would look as I was making them, but I love how they turned out!  They are so easy to make, too.

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Couples Costume Free SVG File

Need a quick and easy couples Halloween costume?  Use your Cricut or Silouette die cutter and some vinyl to make a Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater costume. Each year, we got to a Halloween party.  Each year, we argue and can't agree on a costume.  Last year, he was the hunter and I was the trophy unicorn.  This year, he's Peter Peter and I'm the pumpkin. It's a quick and easy costume, and the kids don't get it.  Win! Since I'm making my own shirts, I had to make a SVG file to die cut and use with my heat press.  I figured I'd share the cut file because maybe it will save someone some time. This is a really basic costume.  I meant for it to be simple!  You can use orange paint and splatter some orange on the Peter Peter shirt for effect.

Farmhouse Kitchen Towels Free SVG Files

Six free SVG files for kitchen towels.  These are perfect for making towels or signs.  Use these with SCAL or other die cutting software that supports an SVG file. I love having a die cutter and heat press because I can make custom shirts, pillows, and so much more.  Have you seen the cute customized tea towels?  I think that having one hang on the stove helps make the kitchen look cozier. Since I live in a farm house, of course I'm embracing the farmhouse theme.  I hope it never ends because, well, I'm stuck with a farm house forever now! My old farm house has some quirks, but at least it has character. These farmhouse free SVG files for kitchen towels make great gifts, too.  I go through a lot of tea towels with five people in the family.  These can be used as a decoration and as a towel, so it's a functional gift that's also pretty.

How to Make Vanilla Extract From Vanilla Beans

Save money by learning how to make vanilla extract from vanilla beans.  Homemade vanilla extract tastes better and is easy to make. Once upon a time, before Pinterest was a twinkle in the founder's eye, I saw online that you could learn how to make vanilla extract from vanilla beans.  I bake a lot, so I was definitely intrigued. Real vanilla is a bit of an investment, and so is making a vanilla extract recipe at home.  But the taste is so worth it! The first time I made vanilla extract, I didn't know what to expect.  I figured that it would taste better, but I was shocked at how much better it really was. The first thing I made was a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  It had around a teaspoon of vanilla extract in it, so surely we wouldn't notice a difference, right? Wrong.  Using a real vanilla extract versus an imitation vanilla is a total game changer.  You can taste the difference with just a teaspoon per batch. Making vanilla extract is very easy, too. 

Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts With Cinnamon Sugar

These baked pumpkin doughnuts are delicious and easy to make.  Dip them in cinnamon sugar for an extra special treat. It's finally fall here in Ohio, but I've been celebrating pumpkin spice season for a few weeks.  I may have started using pumpkin spice coffee creamer around mid August. My kids love pumpkin, especially Caleb.  Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, and now pumpkin doughnuts. Making doughnuts at home is kind of a messy and long process.  It takes so much oil to fry them, so I wanted to make them a little healthier and easier. These baked pumpkin doughnuts with cinnamon sugar area easy to make and since they are baked instead of fried, they have less fat. I also lightened up the sugar with some coconut sugar and used part whole wheat white flour, but that's optional. I'll give you options to lighten them up, but I won't judge if you make them with all of their white flour and sugary goodness.  It's nice to have a special treat

Homemade Grape Jelly From Grape Juice Recipe

How to make grape jelly from grape juice.  This recipe makes it easy to make homemade jelly.  You can can the jelly or freeze it. My kids are on a no high fructose corn syrup or food dye diet, so I have to make many of their favorite foods.  Homemade jelly sounds difficult, but it is very easy to make.  Promise. I made two batches tonight in under an hour including clean up.  I make my grape jelly with grape juice, so it takes even less time than making other jellies or jams. At our first house, we had a grape arbor and got grapes every other year.  When my oldest was little, I decided to harvest the grapes, make juice, and then make jelly. He was about two-years-old, so I let him play in the yard while I picked the grapes off of the stems.  And picked,  And picked,  And then picked some more. I felt like I picked grapes off of the stems all day long. Then I cooked them for hours and finally got some juice. I turned that juice into some very taste grape jelly. All i