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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

7 Tips For People Who Hate Cleaning

Are you struggling with cleaning?  You're not alone!  You may need help finding a cleaning routine that works, or maybe it's too overwhelming to get started.  Here are 7 tips for people who hate cleaning.

Cleaning is not a particularly enjoyable chore, and can be pretty difficult to do. However, cleaning is an essential part of life and cannot be put off.  If you are struggling with cleaning, you are not alone.

Not many people enjoy cleaning.  Everyone has some part of their home that really don't like to clean.  For me, it's the bathroom.

7 tips for people who hate cleaning. Get cleaning tips, tricks, and hacks to get your home clean and organized fast. These are cleaning tips for lazy people or people who lack motivation, including teens and kids as well as adults.  Use this for spring cleaning or for the entire year to get your life organized quick. These easy organizing and cleaning tips for home will help you get your household more organized. #cleaning #hack #tip

There are a few things I don't mind doing though.  I don't mind washing clothes and folding them.  I also don't mind organizing because organizing things makes me feel like I have at least part of my life under control.

If you hate cleaning, or just need some clean house tips, here are seven helpful and simple tips for people who hate cleaning.

7 Tips for People Who Hate Cleaning

You may never learn to really love cleaning, but maybe those struggling with cleaning can learn to not hate it so much with these tips.

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Stay on Top of Chores

I'm guilty of this.  I get busy, things get put off, then I can't bear to get started.  If there's a lot of visual clutter, my mind doesn't know where to begin.  When I'm struggling with cleaning, it's usually because I've put it off for too long.

This tip is important, as most of the stress that comes from cleaning stems from the insane to do list that piles up when the cleaning is neglected. When you stay on top of your cleaning, you greatly cut down on the amount of work that needs done at any given time.

Additionally, you prevent a pileup of tasks that lead to anxiety and stress. In order to stay on top, adopt cleaning routines when possible.

For example, doing a load of laundry in the morning, dishes in the evening, and a 15 minute cleanup before bed can drastically cut down on the amount of work you have the next day.

I try to do a quick clean of the bathroom before I go to bed after I wash my face and brush my teeth.  I love these biodegradable wipes and keep them under the bathroom sink for a quick cleanup.

Additionally, you can get the entire household involved in this step. For example, have the kids put away their toys before settling in for bed. Dividing the labor responsibilities takes a lot of pressure off of you while keeping the house clean.

Manage Your Time

By managing your time while cleaning, not only can you easily complete daunting tasks, but you can also make the entire process of cleaning less stressful.

This is probably the biggest clean house tips that I use all the time.

There are several ways to manage your time while cleaning:

Set a Timer

By setting a timer, you can manage your time for each task, making you more efficient. Additionally, for those who are struggling with cleaning, setting a timer will allow you to chunk up the cleaning. If you set a timer, you only have to worry for that amount of time.

I bought the Time Timer for my son with autism.  It's a life saver while homeschooling or setting time limits for screen time or transitions.  I also use it for both him and myself for cleaning.

When a task is too overwhelming to get started, I set it for 15 minutes and just do what I can.  More often than not, I'm surprised at what I can get done in 15 minutes!

Clean house tips like using a time is probably my favorite to offer people because you'd be amazed at how much you can get done in 15 minutes.

Chunk Up Tasks

Sometimes your to-do list can mound up, leading to stress and procrastination. By chunking up your tasks, you can take large and daunting jobs and shred them down to easy chores.

My bedroom is the catch all.  Company coming over?  Put it in mom's room so no one sees!  Not sure where leftover holiday stuff goes?  Mom's closet looks like a great place!

When it gets overwhelming, I choose one area to clean and don't worry about anything else.  If my goal is to clean my dresser, then that's all I'm cleaning that day.

Create Routines

Not all of us have an easy time making time for cleaning. In order to stay on top of the cleaning, create a personalized routine for yourself. This way, you don’t feel as stressed and worried about cleaning, as you will have a specific time to do it.

Multitask When Possible

There are several ways to multitask while cleaning. For example, run the washer before you dust, so that the washer can be done when you’re ready to wrap up your cleaning for the day. Most timed activities (laundry, dishwasher, cooking, etc.) can be multitasked in order to better manage your time.

Make Good Use of Space

When cleaning, be sure to make efficient use of drawers, cabinets, and closets. To do this, consider purchasing organizers to maximize the storage capabilities of your home.

I really like using drawer organizers.  Without them, my drawers become a catchall and I can't find anything.

Additionally, you may consider designating a specific part of your house to contain clutter and mess. By doing this, putting away misplaced objects becomes easier, and your work is much more contained.

You may also want to keep your cleaning supplies where you will need them the most. For example, be sure to keep toilet bowl cleaner in or next to the bathroom. This way you can contain cleaning to specific rooms, and you will not track messes around your home moving from one room to another looking for supplies.

Listen to Music/Podcasts

Cleaning can be mind-numbing and boring, and it can be pretty lonely as well. To improve your cleaning experience, try listening to music/podcasts. Listening to music can be a great way to keep yourself focused and manage tasks if you are struggling with cleaning.

Music can be a great way to keep you energized while cleaning, similar to having a workout playlist. In fact, I would recommend making a dedicated cleaning playlist on your preferred music platform.

Additionally, listening to a podcast during cleaning time can ease the loneliness of cleaning, and yield many of the same benefits as listening to music.

Use the Proper Tools

Cleaning can be made much easier with the use of tools. For example, if sweeping proves to be intolerable, see how your vacuum fairs.

Tools can not only make cleaning easier, but also majorly cut down on time, leading to less stress.  If you are struggling with cleaning, maybe you just need the right tools.

Here are some quick and simple tips for making the most out of tools:

  • Keep your tools in assigned spots.  Keeping your tools in assigned locations means that they can be easily grabbed and used when needed.  I really like my hanging organizer to keep my broom and dusters organized. 
  • Keep your tools in good condition. Make sure your tools are in tip-top shape when you put them away, as few things are worse than a broken vacuum when you need it most.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade tools. Once your appliances and vacuums start to get old and worn-down, consider upgrading them to make your cleaning as smooth and painless as possible.

Eliminate Clutter

If your house is over-cluttered or you keep moving stuff around without ever using them, you may consider decluttering.  Many people who are struggling with cleaning have too much clutter.

Whether you sell, donate, or throw away the clutter, eliminating pointless clutter can greatly improve the storage capabilities of your home, and simplify the cleaning process.

Additionally, consider partnering with local charitable organizations and donating needed objects to them.

You can also organize your decluttering. Setting a routine for a household clutter purge can keep your home efficient and clean.

When I clean, I tend to get distracted by items that don't belong in that room or items that need to be gotten rid of.

I keep a basket or box with me.  If I find something that doesn't belong, I put it in the box and empty the box when I'm done with that room.  This helps me stay on task.

Reward Yourself

Sometimes cleaning can feel pretty fruitless, so it is important to reward yourself when cleaning. Rewards can range from an episode of a T.V. show to a piece of chocolate.

Whatever you decide to reward yourself with, make sure to set reasonable goals and reward yourself in moderation. When used properly, rewards can be an effective tool to cut through procrastination and cleaning block.

I hope these 7 tips for people who hate cleaning help you get motivated.  Many people are struggling with cleaning, so don't feel alone!  These clean house tips will help you get motivated and get your house clean quickly.

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7 tips for people who hate cleaning. Get cleaning tips, tricks, and hacks to get your home clean and organized fast. These are cleaning tips for lazy people or people who lack motivation, including teens and kids as well as adults.  Use this for spring cleaning or for the entire year to get your life organized quick. These easy organizing and cleaning tips for home will help you get your household more organized. #cleaning #hack #tip